Weekly photo Challenge – Rounded

I love all things curved:-


Curved tree


Curved foot path


Curving road


rounded berries.



What makes me, me

The daily prompt for Thursday the 25th October was ‘identity’ – which is about those things and characteristics by which I am recognized by  like:-


and my driver’s licence which I have to present every time I need to open a bank account or prove that I am the person I claim to be. However my passport and driver’s licence identify me they are external things which do not say about the person I really am.

At other times I am identified by my race, my culture and religion; my sex and my career also tell people who I am. In this era of technology I am identified by either my pin number or voice – here again while all these things prove the person I am as far as I am concerned they still fall short of saying the real person I am inside.

For me identity is about my thoughts and values which influence  my lifestyle – how I relate to people and situations. The things I am passionate about that is what I hope people can recognize me by because they reveal the things that make me, me.

Weekly photo challenge – Glow

The theme for this week’s photo challenge just warmed my heart because the word ‘glow’ means something that shines intensely. The Collins thesaurus gives three other words which means ‘glow’ these are: splendour; brilliance and radiance. I again fall on to my archives to find photographs which will reflect my interpretation of this theme:-


when the peacock does this with its feathers it is simply brilliant, the glow of its feathers is breath taking


I find the bloom of this plant radiant against the bridge wall, its glow is reflected in the water.


That sunset glows with splendour.

Weekly photo challenge – Scale

Scale was last week the 18th of October theme for the photo challenge. The week was pretty hectic  but told myself that I was not going to miss out. Here is my take on the theme.


This a farm in the valley in the lake District in the U.K.. The size t of the farm house in relation to the land scape was fascinating for me.

IMG00483-20130726-1559 (1)

While on a walk with friends near Glossop, as we got up one of the hills and looked down the size of the cars in relation to where we were standing the cars looked like children’s toys.


Last week I spent a couple of days in Conwy in North Wales  and I took this photograph while I was on the castle walk.


Finding myself in God

In the District weekly bulletin of our church was an advert for a ‘Ladies day’ my reaction was to think it may be one of those days where women would be talking about being good wives, good home makers none of which would  interest me as my own marriage  broke down. As I was free on that Saturday the 17th of September 2017, I registered myself for the day on condition I would slip away if the proceedings proved to be what I did not like.

I was surprised how the day developed despite my preconceived ideas of ladies events. The day was nothing but inspirational in that it was about the things I want and value which are spending time discovering who I was as woman in relation to God.  The day was divided into three sessions which had an in put for 15 minutes and then a 20 minute reflection on your own exploring your own relationship with God. For the purpose of this post I will only share the session which had a great impact on me, the other two were brilliant I just want to share on the one.

This  first session  was about finding our identity in Christ, the input was about how we each deal with negative traits we may have as individuals, bad past memories which may result in self hatred. It was the best part of the day as I faced my hang ups from my past. Reflecting on biblical texts helped me to find my own identity in Christ. At the end of the input we had an opportunity to do an exercise based on Psalm 23 reflecting on what it meant to me personally after that we were each challenged to write our own personalised psalm and the following is my own version of a personalised Psalm 23. I hope it will inspire you as it came from my heart expressing how I feel about God:-

The Lord is my Sat Nav

The Lord is my sat nav,                                                                                                                         I shall not be diverted;                                                                                                                           He makes me stay on course for my sanity’s sake.                                                                          He helps me gaze on my life’s journey,                                                                                              and makes me aware of others on the journey too.

When I take wrong turns and moves because of Life’s distractions                                           He re-calculates my step and send me back on the road.                                                              I will trust in his guidance and concern,                                                                                           My confidence is enhanced.

He reminds me of all the dangers of the road                                                                                  He nudges me every time I doze off behind life’s wheel;                                                               And assures me of his presence                                                                                                           and calms me down always keeping me safe.

Surely his guidance and direction will comfort me,                                                                       all the days of my life.                                                                                                                           I will trust and lean on his leading;                                                                                                    for ever and ever.







Weekly Photo Challenge – Windows

I have not been out taking photographs lately because of the rains, which means for this week’s photo challenge I will use photographs in my archives which were shared  by my friends.


I love the autumn colours reflecting through the windows.



The only disadvantage with using photographs from my archives I can not say where they taken as I got them from friends.  What is important is that they suitable for this week’s challenge enjoy them.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Layered

The first time I read the theme of this week’s photo challenge ‘layered’ I thought of the wonderful cake creations talented bakers have done, I thought layered cakes show distinctly the different layers. I then thought of different layers which we find in our natural environment and this is the point I draw from the many photographs my friends have shared with me.

First up is this beautiful garden taken by a friend on one of her many walks I love the different ‘layers’ of different textures of plants and flowers layered beautifully.



In Zimbabwe it is spring and the following photograph is what the country side looks like at this time of the year:-


Here you can see the layer of trees and rocks  mingled together. What I like is how the texture of the rocks peers through the beautiful shades of the trees.



Here again you have different layers of different textures of flowers.


To all my valued followers yesterday you may have seen a blank blog post, I apologise I have been having problems with my broadband. It will soon be put right. Thank you for your patience. I will soon be back on the blogosphere and connecting with you all. In the meantime I wish you all happy blogging.

Daily Prompt : Aloneness

The daily prompt for Friday the 18th of August 2017 was ‘solitary’ as I thought about my interpretation of it I decided to use ‘aloneness’ as the tittle of my post. Just reading and thinking about it made me feel  that something was not right in my head. the word solitary invoked mixed feelings within me.

Sociologists have instilled in me that every human is a social being meaning that there is an inherent need to want and enjoy friendships and companionship. To seek to be alone can sometimes be viewed as ‘weird’ Yet there are many people who love and enjoy their own company, it is perfectly normal to want to be alone.

Growing up in a big family and having a small house for eight people  I always had people around me it was practically not possible at any given time to be alone. It was fun to always my have my parents and my siblings around 24/7, yet deep inside me there was a yearning of wanting to be own my own at times. I could never explain why I needed time own my own it was when I became a teenager that I understood the need to be on my own.  I worked out I needed to have a space to process my own thoughts on several issues without being influenced by those around me. The only place I found that peace and quiet was just walking into a church and be quiet, I never used to tell anyone of my church trips even my closest friends because I needed to be quiet.

For me ‘solitary’ is about allowing myself to find myself away from the hustle  and bustle of life and find solace in the sound of silence. Now that I live on my own it  is possible to  walk to solitary places like this one


where I am able to spend some time on my own and connect with my inner self and nature. I enjoy the company of those close to me and my friends but now and then I love being on my own.  It is in those solitary moments that I am inspired  a lot, I find meaning in the silence.