Weekly Photo Challenge – A Face in the crowd

The brief of the photo challenge of the 21st February was to share a face in the crowd hiding the face so that the facial expressions are masked i.e shadows and silohouttes. I however decided to use photographs of faces crowds which do not  mask the facial  expressions for the following reasons.

November 14th 2017 is going to go down in the history of Zimbabwe as the day crowds joined the army generals to get rid of a man who had ruled our nation for 37 years.  All the faces in those crowds who came out in solidarity with the generals were expressing  that enough was enough and they could not put up with a dictatorship anymore.


This was the day Zimbabweans forgot  the racial divide and went on to the street to say enough is enough change was needed.


The only president most these young people have known in their life time is Robert Mugabe, those who were born in 1980 and are now 38 years they have been governed by one president.


Most of these young people were born  at the start of Mugabe’s rule went to university and graduated but have never worked because unemployment among young people is pegged at 95%. Here is a generation which has lost a lot these faces are expressing lost dreams and hopes.

It is now three and bit months since the 14th of November I do not know if the change all these people joined the generals and marched will ever be realized.  It is waiting the first test will be the conduct of  the anticipated elections scheduled for August lets hope the outcome will assure the nation that their march was worth it.


DWP – My Constant

Life is constantly changing nothing remains the same. One minute a baby is born and is helpless this  new little life depends on those loved ones around it to do everything the baby needs for its survival and development. Before we know it that baby becomes a toddler and mummy has trouble changing the diaper because baby no longer can be kept in mummy’s arms the baby has grown. Life is characterized  by constant changes and nothing remains the same,

The daily word prompt for the 20th of February 2018 was ‘constant’ a word which describes something which occurs consistently and persistently. That has been how life has been for me.  At every phase of my life circumstances have constantly changed i.e new friends new experiences from being single, married then divorced not one part of my life as remained the same.

While all these changes have constantly happened there has remained one CONSTANT which is God’s love for me. I have changed a lot – doubted God’s existence as a result of circumstances at other times I have failed to trust God’s promises trusting my own ability  to order my life the way I want  and feeling in control. Constantly changing as I did God has consistently loved me unconditionally. For me the only CONSTANT I have known and had is God.


Daily Prompt – Compromise

Compromise is an interesting word for a prompt. In my experience compromise has on one hand very positive outcomes yet on the other it has some negative outcomes as well. In a  bid to achieve a resolution in a dispute  there is a need for compromise by each part to the dispute. Always in a dispute each part may have very strong views about their side of the dispute which they will hold on to. If both parties are serious in resolving their dispute they will each have to give up and compromise their strongly held views for peace’s sake which is a positive out come.

If friendships and marriages are to last  each part to the relationship have to compromise on somethings they may each hold dear for the other part’s sake. It may be interests, or things the other person may have enjoyed doing on their own which the other part to the relations may  not like but because the two may have been brought together by some reason and really connected compromise may be needed. For such relationships to last each part may need to reach a compromise if they are to develop their relationship with each other. In such a situation compromising will result in good outcomes.

However there are situations where compromise will have negative outcomes this is personal as far as faith is concerned.  From my perspective   truth can not be compromised  as far as faith is concerned where half truths are being told they must be challenged, compromising on the truth will have dire consequences.  Justices can not be be compromised doing so will result in people being marginalized the Gospel is about equality for all.The only way to avoid negative outcomes in this instance is not to compromise on my christian  values is by challenging half truths especially in this era of post truth, challenge injustice where ever  it is in existence.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Tour Guide

The photo challenge for the 7th February was ‘Tour Guide’ whose brief was to show  a or photographs reflecting why we like the places where we live. I  had never imagine my self as someone who can recommend places of interest to others, as I think you have to have an eye to see beautiful things which I am not so confident that I have.

It is unbelievable that I have lived in Manchester now for nearly 18 years yet have never taken time time to appreciate the buildings in the city. It was after the terror attack at the Manchester Evening Arena on 22nd May 2017 when the campaign ‘We love Manchester’ was launched that I made an effort to explore the city.

I will share a couple of beautiful buildings are found  and add to the beauty of the city, as poor ‘tour guide I am I am not able to give the details of the streets which these buildings are located. I know exactly where they are because I took the photographs myself.


This is in St Peter’s Square  past the main Library.


And this is a block away from St Peter Square

I had never taken time to appreciate these buildings now I do take time to explore and see what the beautiful city offers, I love the mix of old and new architecture which shows the past and present of the city.

Daily Prompt – Almost

It is 12 : 30 pm in Zimbabwe nearly halfway to the end of 2017. The daily  prompt  is about writing a post on the word  ‘Almost’ which is about things  that are about to be done.

I am almost at the end of 2017, yet I am almost about to cross over into 2018. I am in between so what is it I can write about in the last  post of the year.

While I am almost at the end of 2017, I am able to look back  on the past  11 months and 30 and half days. A year in which I have faced personal challenges but I can say confidently ‘thus far the Lord  has taken me’ I have no regrets because all I have experienced has been training ground I came out the other side a Victor. As they say ‘no pain no gain I am now  wiser and richer  as a result  of all I experienced. So I want to say to the year which is almost coming to an end fare well 2017, and to the year which is  almost dawning I am crossing over into 2018 confident that the God  who travelled with me then is ready  to travel with me again. What can the world throw at me which God and I can not handle together? NOTHING!

I wish you all who have visited my blog  and those who will be passing by  a Happy and wonderful New Year filled with many opportunities.

Weekly Photo Challenge – 2017 Favourites

This last challenge of 2017 asks to select the best and meaningful photograph  that we took during  the course of this year. I am not a photographer my photographs are taken just for pleasure  so instead of the  best I am opting for the ones which are meaningful to me. I have selected a few: –


I took this at Scargill attending a retreat like  I said  above it is not about being the best but what it means to me.

This is the chapel at Scargill retreat centre built reflecting the praying hands, and prayer  is source  of my life.20171108_151759.jpg

After sessions we went for walks around Scargill estate, I took this photo on our way back from the walk and the sun was setting as I looked back  I glimpsed this glow  of the sun through the clouds. Images like these help  me to reflect on God’s greatness and leave me in awe. These are my 2017 Favourites they may not be the best of photography but they MEAN a lot to me and fitting to close this year’s  photo challenges. I look forward to 2018 challenges.





What makes me, me

The daily prompt for Thursday the 25th October was ‘identity’ – which is about those things and characteristics by which I am recognized by  like:-


and my driver’s licence which I have to present every time I need to open a bank account or prove that I am the person I claim to be. However my passport and driver’s licence identify me they are external things which do not say about the person I really am.

At other times I am identified by my race, my culture and religion; my sex and my career also tell people who I am. In this era of technology I am identified by either my pin number or voice – here again while all these things prove the person I am as far as I am concerned they still fall short of saying the real person I am inside.

For me identity is about my thoughts and values which influence  my lifestyle – how I relate to people and situations. The things I am passionate about that is what I hope people can recognize me by because they reveal the things that make me, me.

Weekly photo challenge – Glow

The theme for this week’s photo challenge just warmed my heart because the word ‘glow’ means something that shines intensely. The Collins thesaurus gives three other words which means ‘glow’ these are: splendour; brilliance and radiance. I again fall on to my archives to find photographs which will reflect my interpretation of this theme:-


when the peacock does this with its feathers it is simply brilliant, the glow of its feathers is breath taking


I find the bloom of this plant radiant against the bridge wall, its glow is reflected in the water.


That sunset glows with splendour.