My Faith

While my blog has been about my day to day life experiences and encounters this has not really reflected my faith. On this page I will share the things that matter to me as far as my faith is concerned. It is lent as write this post a period where I take time to explore my faith journey. This year I have been using the book by John Pritchard titled ‘the Journey with Jesus to Jerusalem and the Cross’ One of the Daily Prompts was about writing what people understood Love to be. For me love is about God loved and gave Jesus for my salavtion. John in this book shares a Poem by Godfrey Rust titled ‘welcome to the real World’ the poem explores the concept of love and I would like to just share a few extracts from this poem to share my own understanding of Love:-

“Love isn’t what you fall in,
It’s what pulls you out
of what you fall in

Love isn’t a good feeling.
Love is doing
when you’re feeling bad

And everything that seems real,
that looks smart
that feels good,
Has a sale-by date.
love is long life
Love is the ultimate preservative.

I don’t know too much about love
but I know know a man who does,
up there on the cross
loving us to death

Love is the key
to the door of the place
he’s prepared for you
in the kingdom of God

If you’re beginning to understand
then welcome to the real world”
(extracts from the poem ‘Welcome to the Real World’ by Godfrey Rust)

For me this is what love is about- knowing Jesus.


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