Weekly photo challenge – Place in the World

I loved the weekly photo challenge of the 9th of May. The brief was to show one’s safe space in other words where one finds themselves. I love being out doors I love the natural landscapes, and just being in the natural environment

I am sure those who follow my blog already know I am at home and feel I belong when I see sunsets and sunrises, as a religious person the time I feel most connected to God is watching the sun setting.  My first photos has to do with that.


This is in Manna pools a resort in Zimbabwe I love the sight with mountains in the background and that dead tree in the middle just add to the beauty.


While Zimbabwe and Zambia share the these falls I think the Zimbabwean side is the best  because nothing can beat that sunset over the falls and that can only be seen from the Zimbabwean side of the falls. Every time I am holidaying in the falls I feel very close to God.



This was sent to me by I friend, I am using this photo the reflect where I belong  ‘OUT DOORS’




Weekly Photo Challenge – Lines

A bit behind with last week’s photo challenge it is better later than never.IMG_1189

Looking up to these beam lines adds to the beauty of this chapel.



A line of the candles in that window


White peacock’s further lines are so exquisite.


As a blogger it is fitting that I finish my interpretation of the lines photo challenge with lines of books.

WPC – Having fun!

This week’s photo challenge is about telling a story with our photographs. I decided to use photographs which my 11 year old granddaughter took .

Working for the church as I do, I seem to have a lot to do that I never seem to get time to do things just fun. Last weekend my daughter decided that I should join her and family and go to a farewell do of a friend who has decided to emigrate to Australia.  I will let the photographs do the telling:-


For my grand daughter it was great to be able to take selfies with grandma!

20180303_220749 (1)

The fun was taken to higher level when my grand daughter showed me what she is able to do with the selfies!

20180303_230156 (1)

My grand daughter had a great time showing off her skills in taking photographs of her mum and her I which impressed me greatly.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Out of This world

The one activity I engage in regularly is  look at sunrises and sunsets if I do manage to catch them. Those close me will testify that I think Zimbabwe is blessed with the best sunrises and sunsets. I am obviously biased because it my country but honestly speaking some days sunrises and sunsets are spectacular and for me they are ‘Out of this world’ other people can think otherwise I am happy with that:

Check this one which was taken about two weeks ago by my friend of mine at Mana Pools one of the many tourist resorts in Zimbabwe:-


Photographs can never do justice as seeing the sunsets live as far as I am concerned this is  out of this world .

Weekly Photo Challenge – A Face in the crowd

The brief of the photo challenge of the 21st February was to share a face in the crowd hiding the face so that the facial expressions are masked i.e shadows and silohouttes. I however decided to use photographs of faces crowds which do not  mask the facial  expressions for the following reasons.

November 14th 2017 is going to go down in the history of Zimbabwe as the day crowds joined the army generals to get rid of a man who had ruled our nation for 37 years.  All the faces in those crowds who came out in solidarity with the generals were expressing  that enough was enough and they could not put up with a dictatorship anymore.


This was the day Zimbabweans forgot  the racial divide and went on to the street to say enough is enough change was needed.


The only president most these young people have known in their life time is Robert Mugabe, those who were born in 1980 and are now 38 years they have been governed by one president.


Most of these young people were born  at the start of Mugabe’s rule went to university and graduated but have never worked because unemployment among young people is pegged at 95%. Here is a generation which has lost a lot these faces are expressing lost dreams and hopes.

It is now three and bit months since the 14th of November I do not know if the change all these people joined the generals and marched will ever be realized.  It is waiting the first test will be the conduct of  the anticipated elections scheduled for August lets hope the outcome will assure the nation that their march was worth it.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Tour Guide

The photo challenge for the 7th February was ‘Tour Guide’ whose brief was to show  a or photographs reflecting why we like the places where we live. I  had never imagine my self as someone who can recommend places of interest to others, as I think you have to have an eye to see beautiful things which I am not so confident that I have.

It is unbelievable that I have lived in Manchester now for nearly 18 years yet have never taken time time to appreciate the buildings in the city. It was after the terror attack at the Manchester Evening Arena on 22nd May 2017 when the campaign ‘We love Manchester’ was launched that I made an effort to explore the city.

I will share a couple of beautiful buildings are found  and add to the beauty of the city, as poor ‘tour guide I am I am not able to give the details of the streets which these buildings are located. I know exactly where they are because I took the photographs myself.


This is in St Peter’s Square  past the main Library.


And this is a block away from St Peter Square

I had never taken time to appreciate these buildings now I do take time to explore and see what the beautiful city offers, I love the mix of old and new architecture which shows the past and present of the city.

Weekly Photo Challenge – 2017 Favourites

This last challenge of 2017 asks to select the best and meaningful photograph  that we took during  the course of this year. I am not a photographer my photographs are taken just for pleasure  so instead of the  best I am opting for the ones which are meaningful to me. I have selected a few: –


I took this at Scargill attending a retreat like  I said  above it is not about being the best but what it means to me.

This is the chapel at Scargill retreat centre built reflecting the praying hands, and prayer  is source  of my life.20171108_151759.jpg

After sessions we went for walks around Scargill estate, I took this photo on our way back from the walk and the sun was setting as I looked back  I glimpsed this glow  of the sun through the clouds. Images like these help  me to reflect on God’s greatness and leave me in awe. These are my 2017 Favourites they may not be the best of photography but they MEAN a lot to me and fitting to close this year’s  photo challenges. I look forward to 2018 challenges.





Weekly photo challenge – Glow

The theme for this week’s photo challenge just warmed my heart because the word ‘glow’ means something that shines intensely. The Collins thesaurus gives three other words which means ‘glow’ these are: splendour; brilliance and radiance. I again fall on to my archives to find photographs which will reflect my interpretation of this theme:-


when the peacock does this with its feathers it is simply brilliant, the glow of its feathers is breath taking


I find the bloom of this plant radiant against the bridge wall, its glow is reflected in the water.


That sunset glows with splendour.

Weekly photo challenge – Scale

Scale was last week the 18th of October theme for the photo challenge. The week was pretty hectic  but told myself that I was not going to miss out. Here is my take on the theme.


This a farm in the valley in the lake District in the U.K.. The size t of the farm house in relation to the land scape was fascinating for me.

IMG00483-20130726-1559 (1)

While on a walk with friends near Glossop, as we got up one of the hills and looked down the size of the cars in relation to where we were standing the cars looked like children’s toys.


Last week I spent a couple of days in Conwy in North Wales  and I took this photograph while I was on the castle walk.