Weekly Photo Challenge – Transient

My interpretation of last week’s photo challenge of things that do not last brought to mind small pleasures I enjoy only for a limited period of time.


I have used this photograph before for another post, I feel it suit last week’s photo challenge. The beginning of Zimbabwean ‘summer’ is marked by the bloom of the jacaranda trees they only last for a month and then they are gone. They are glorious while they last once they are gone you are only left with the memories of the lilac colour which is no longer visible. The jacaranda bloom are one of my momentarily pleasures which are transient.



Swings are my grandson’s little pleasures so every time I am visiting one of my tasks is to go and spend time with him at the swings. He loves being swung into the air which he  loves to bits. That moment of being in the air does not last because it can not be sustained for a long time for safety reasons. The two of us enjoy it as long as it lasts.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Heritage

This week’s photo challenge is about sharing a photo of something which says “heritage” which can be from one’s own country  or culture. What I have chosen is not so much a “heritage” but something which is uniquely Zimbabwean.  ” The Balancing rocks” as they are always referred to. The  balancing rocks have become  major monuments in Zimbabwe.


The “Balancing Rocks” are geomorphological  features of igneous rocks found in many parts of Zimbabwe, and are particularly noteworthy in Matopos National Park and near the township of Epworth to the south east of Harare. The formations are of natural occurrence in a perfectly balanced state without other support. The formations were created when ancient granite intrusions were exposed to weathering as softer rocks around eroded. They are also known as “rock kopjes”, they are seen in the form of huge angular blocks of granite “piled on top of and beside one another, forming pillars and stacks, like a child’s building blocks.

Their popularity grew when the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe featured the formations on the last series of Zimbabwean bank notes.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Security

This week’s photo challenge invoked a lot of feelings within me. Growing up my security was in the knowledge  that I had a solid family, mum and dad who were going to love and protect me and siblings to look out for me and support me. That changed when my parents separated.

Then I told myself that I should attain the highest level of education then I would find a job then I would be secure. That all went when I stopped working after I got married, then when my marriage ended I was no longer secure at all. I learnt then everything we may rely on to give us security in the things of this life can be lost at any time.  The only thing which remained secure for me as a religious person was my relationship with God through Christ. The following picture is what gives me security


My security is represented by the cross in Jesus I know what ever happens to me God’s love is always there. I am loved not because of what I have done I am loved despite anything I may have done. It is significant that I am writing this post at the beginning of Passion Week  when as Christian we travel with Jesus through his arrest, trial, crucifixion death and resurrection. God’s love has been the only constant in my life that gives me security.


I am secure in Jesus.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Feeling Uplifted

This week’s photo challenge brief is about sharing photographs reflecting being on top of a thing or place or just feeling on top of the world. I felt I should share something which is making my home country feeling on top of the world at the moment  ‘abundant rains’. Some parts of central Africa are reeling under severe drought that it is pretty grim when on our screens we see photographs of people and animals in desperate need of water to survive.

Zimbabwe has been feeling down in the dumps for a while now, with the economy having collapsed, health systems non existent not to mention poor governance which has seen a lot of people struggling to survive. Zimbabwe in the past has had its fair share of droughts but we are grateful that this year we had a lot of rain and as I write all the dams are 100 per cent full something which had not happened for nearly a decade. Despite the political woes which haunt our nation the abundance of rain this year has lifted people’s spirits high and given us hope that at least some parts of the country will be  in a position to produce much needed food.

Friends have sent me photographs which show how the country is looking hopeful as the result of the much needed rains:


This is the view from on top of Wedza mountain showing the Save river full.


A view from the hills of Shurugwi the country side is looking beautiful giving people hope that whatever the political scenario those in the rural areas can get on and produce food to feed their families, people have the feeling of being on top of the depressing state of affairs prevailing in our land.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Sunset Ambience

The glow of the colours of sunset creates a calming feeling within me always. I may have had a bad day when things have gone wrong but gazing at the sunset uplifts my mood without fail. I now have loads of sunset photographs as it is the one thing which brings me great pleasure. I will share a few of those photographs for this week’s challenge.


Every time I catch the sun sets over the sea it is just majestic


This is over Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe


This was taken by a friend who e-mailed it to on one of her walks.


Sunset through the trees.

20150419_201307   Taken from my flat’s balcony.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Resilient

Let me begin by saying to you all fellow bloggers Happy New Year and wishing you a year of inspirational writing. I would like to thank all those who in the past year stopped and visited my blog your comments were a  source of encouragement which continue to urge me to continue writing thank you once again.

The photo challenge for the week of the 30th December 2016  was about showing images which reflected resilience. I chose three images which show what they have endured over the years yet they are still standing.

First up is this door of St. John the Baptist Church, Bromsgrove in Birmingham, it does not say exactly how old the door is,  the church however dates back from the 12th century and is predominantly of the 14th  and 15th  century construction which was restored in 1858.


second is what looks like a water pump which looks  like  has been around for decades but still stands.


finally are these two formations which have endured all weather conditions  yet still look beautiful.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Anticipation

When a young woman finishes education they get a job for an African woman there is always the anticipation of getting married which is a cultural expectation that you get married. Unlike other cultures in Africa there is a lot of pressure for young women to get married. My first response to the photo challenge of the 16th December 2016 is my nieces wedding day two years ago now:-


my niece walking out of her mom’s house in anticipation of starting a new phase in her life  marriage

At this time of the year most people look forward to spending time with family and loved ones on Christmas  when you are invited you anticipate  to have a wonderful time of catching up with relatives you do not get to see during the course of the year you also anticipate to have good food. I was invited to be with my niece and her family last Christmas for the Christmas meal


It was a great time of bonding over a lovely meal.

For a four year old starting school where elder sister goes is a great adventure and something to look forward to as the face of my grandson reflects in this photograph :-


What has made his parents and I happy is that he loves school and is always in his best behaviour the anticipation of feeling all grown up and going away every morning with his sister is something he enjoys.



Weekly photo Challenge – New Horizon

The photo challenge for the 9th December  was ‘new horizon’ which is about showing what I would like to achieve. I have loads I have been wanting to achieve but the challenges that faces my home country have made it impossible for me to even try.

In the past three decades what has characterized the country is loss of employment opportunities, lack of freedom of expression and freedom of affiliation resulting in most  of us leaving the country to go and live in the diaspora. It so happens that when you are living in a foreign land all you think about are short term goals as you are not certain how long your leave to remain can last for.

So for this week’s photo challenge I have decided to use  a photo I used once before:fb_img_1479466059783

This gap between these  red stone cliffs found at Gonarezhou national park in Zimbabwe enables me to see beyond the current challenges experienced in our nation. You can almost see endless possibilities which open to every Zimbabwean if only we can put right the governance issues which seem to be thwarting whatever any goals any one can have in our country.

The collective goal we have as a nation is to achieve some kind of normalcy where the health systems function where people can have freedom of expression to just mention a few of the challenges. Looking through this gap helps me to see beyond what is now, to what it can be hopefully not in a too distant a future.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Relax

I can not understand what it is that makes me take on too much, I only wish I could let somethings go without me being involved. Because I take on too much I find myself having to work under pressure to meet my deadlines, sometimes this is very overwhelming for me and I get so stressed. The only thing which helps me unwind is to go on long walks. My favourite place to do this is in the Lake District in Cumbria. Usually this is how I look when I am all stressed out:-img00633-20131213-1227

As I walk I gradually relax and unwind a bit on scenic walks like this one just outside Glossop which helps me relax


the views are just amazing and help me release all the tension.


After my long walks this is a relaxed me below feeling happy inside :-