WPC – Prolific

The time of year I love most in Zimbabwe is spring when all leaves begin to sprout again for the summer season. Every where you as between and September different rusty shades are plentiful as the photographs I have chosen for this challenge will show.


This is at the beginning of springs from mid August you can see trees beginning to leave again after winter.


To see the spring colours  springing up among the beautiful rocks is just breath taking.


Sometimes I just want to hold back the season so that I can enjoy for ever these beautiful colours.


The grasses tend to blend in with the trees at this time of the year. This is my interpretation of Prolific.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Delta

The brief of the week’s photo challenge is to show a photograph that reflects change and transition. Different countries have their unique seasonal transitions which is seen in nature. For this challenge I have decided to go into my archives and take you back to Zimbabwe and share one seasonal change which I love which is from winter to Spring, this is as from August to September.

Last week I shared the jacaranda tress which are not indigenous Zimbabwean trees, the msasa trees are indigenous and they mark the transition from winter to spring and then to summer.


This is the beginning of the transition when the trees begin to get their leaves after the winter season. The different  rusty colours  colours can be seen just beginning.


Here every msasa tree is showing the change.


In this one the different shades can be seen.


This is how the msasa trees look early in a spring morning. This is my favourite season I just enjoy driving at this time of the year because everywhere you look the msasa trees look stunning. By end of September the msasa trees are all green as summer settles in.


Weekly Photo Challenge – focus

Last Friday’s photo challenge was  about showing a photo that represent focus. Focus is about concentrating, what it meant to me was about what captures my attention whether I am on a walk or something that stands out and I decide to capture every detail of it. I do not have a sophisticated camera except my smart phone.

I just want to invite you to see what captures my concentration in my daily encounters in the following photographs. ENJOY!!!!

FB_IMG_1485092328906 (1)

One frost morning


February 2017 daffodils.


FB_IMG_1472768205853 (1)

green locust


Light feather


Blue berries


The Holy


Early summer bloom 2017




Discover Challenge – Superpower

20170105_141605-1 (1).jpg

This is the best way to describe my ‘superpower’ Organizing. If I am given an opportunity to put on an event be it:-

conferences, camps workshops or parties

My mind shifts into organizing mode I am at my best when I am thinking and working out how it will all work out. I just have an urge to detail from the most minute detail to the major ones I will not rest until I am satisfied that all has been planned and put in place before the event is to take place.

I may be physically sitting with people but my head will be working over time mapping out how the event will be done, my  motto in organizing is “if I can not do great things I will do small things in a great way” I am born organizer.



Weekly Discover Challenge – Song

I really warmed to this challenge because it is about music which is the only language which can speak to all peoples regardless of race, culture and religion to just mention a few. You may not understand a language but the melody can touch your soul.

I thought a lot about this challenge as I have many songs which  I have a connection with. Church hymns have a very strong connection as they touch my being, as a teenager there were many circular music which I had a connection with. For this particular challenge I decided to share a connection with one particular song by Jim Reeves  called ‘But you love me daddy just listen to this clip:-

Jim Reeves’ music in general connected with me through out my teenage years, to me he was very authentic to me he believed in what he sang the melodies are very beautiful to listen to. The lyrics are still  very meaningful to both young and old years after the songs were released. This particular song reflects a parent’s love for his/her child, in short there is nothing bad a child can do which may cause a parent to love the child less and there is nothing a child can do for the parent to love the child more. Parents love their children period. It is unfortunate that for some reason we can never understand why some parents fail to love their children.

While this Jim Reeves song was about his five year old the reason it connects with me so much is that it helps me comprehend God’s love for me. There is nothing too bad I do which can make God love me less and there is nothing good I can do to make God love me more. God loves me with my warts and all period.

My connection with this song has not changed over the years if anything I like it even more every time I play  it I still get the feelings I had the first time I ever heard it.

Weekly Discover Challenge – The story my clothes tell

This week’s challenge is about what the outer layers of clothes we put on say about who we are. For me the clothes I choose to wear are about my need to look presentable, descent and smartly dressed. I want people to see me as a descent smart person.

However beneath that layer of smart clothes I am hiding a very deep rooted feelings of insecurity which is as a result of my dad walking out on us and left mum to bring us up on her own. On face value no-one could have imagined that I was a very insecure person because I covered the insecurities with the outer layers of clothes which presented me as this capable, confident, clever and smart young woman as this photograph reflects:-


These outer layers told a different story yet inside I was a person afraid of rejection always at the back of my mind there was the feeling of not being accepted however I accepted my feelings of insecurity and worked through my issues and glad to share with you all that I still enjoy wearing descent smart clothes which present me as the confident person I have now become underneath the outer layers of my clothes as reflected in this next photograph:-

20160807_164109 (1).jpg

Weekly Photo Challenge- Narrow

As I had not been out and about this week I had to look in my archives and thought these photographs are perfect for this challenge.


a narrow path through the gate of the famous Epworth Rectory -home to the Wesley’s a significant place for Methodists like me.


a narrow pathway in a public garden in Birmingham


narrow road in the between mountains near Glossop

Weekly Discover Challenge – Shared Journeys.

Journeys can be prompted by all  sorts of reasons such as business or special family occasion. Last year in May I did one such journey as I travelled back to Zimbabwe for my niece’s wedding. It was a journey I will for ever remember for many reasons.

As family we are all scattered around the world Canada, United Kingdom South Africa and  Namibia. Every  one of us made the journey to be at the wedding. This turned out not only to about a family celebration but it became a big family reunion. As we got together amidst the final wedding arrangements we managed to make time to catch up on each other’s life journeys which  included career paths and various jobs each individual is doing. You realised how even in a family each person settles  in a profession which they would have dreamt of from when  we were just kids

What is significant about each life journey is that while there is a lot of physical movement from primary school, secondary school the college there is also a mental and emotion journey for every individual. The struggles and hurdles experienced as one is trying to fulfil one’s life goals make the journey worthwhile. While you may share the journey of making something of yourself it still remains a journey you travel on your own because of one’s ideals.

Last year’s journey was unique because after the wedding I got to travel back to the little town I was born and bred  I did the journey on this bus


There were many other travellers on this bus while we shared the journey the reasons of being on this journey were very different the only reason we sharing the journey was this bus.