Visitors Page – Weekly Challenge

Hi fellow bloggers,

Today I launch a weekly challenge to be featured on my visitor’s page of my blog. The challenge will run for the next three months the theme for the series is ‘Suitcase’ which is inspired by the word prompt of the 18th April 2016


A suitcase for me is a symbol of personal privacy. Growing up in a two bedroomed house for six children and two parents became difficult to have any privacy.  My suitcase became my only private space  for me to keep my treasures and momentous  ie birthday cards and presents, private personal letters and all the things which were mine and which I wanted to keep for myself.

I would like to invite you all as guest writers and post on the visitor’s page  on my blog and share what is in your suitcase why it is there. Thanks to Wide Eyed In Wonder who gave me the idea. I look forward to reading all your posts.


Dare speak out

The daily one word prompt for the 5th October 2016 was ‘Daring’ first I looked up in the Collins dictionary and this is the definitions I got (i) to be courageous enough to try to do something (ii) to do something risky.  Daring is about doing these two actions. I am a person who is passionate about justice, I had to look up the meaning of the word passion and this is what I got: a strong enthusiasm for something. So if I combine the meaning of these two words which reflects what I am about I am  left asking myself these questions; if I describe myself as passionate about justice have I been courageous enough to speak out against it? Have I taken any risks to speaking out about it? especially in my native land where injustice is rampant. The answer is a big NO why? I will try to answer this question in this post.

In 1980 Zimbabwe got its independence and great was the celebration as the nation braced itself to start afresh giving every citizen equal opportunities to attain a good standard of life in a new democratic country. Each person worked hard to make the new nation work before we realised things started going wrong five years on slowly the nation was becoming a one party state any one with opposing views to the ruling party was perceived as the enemy of the state. If you dared spoke out about the misrule, corruption and everything which you saw as undemocratic you either disappeared or were arrested and be dealt with in the prison holding cells that when you came out your were a convert of the ruling party.

While I was not happy about the poor governance it remained a very personal issue which I only talked about with very close friends for fear of the consequences if  the powers that be knew I was against the way they were ruling. I then made a decision not to take any risks to do what I am passionate about to  dare speak out against injustices how self preservation that sounds. I  was  not  prepared to risk my life for the causes that are at the core of my being. Daring to make a difference is a risky business I hope one day I will be courageous enough to challenge all that is unjust in my country.