Daily Prompt – Almost

It is 12 : 30 pm in Zimbabwe nearly halfway to the end of 2017. The daily  prompt  is about writing a post on the word  ‘Almost’ which is about things  that are about to be done.

I am almost at the end of 2017, yet I am almost about to cross over into 2018. I am in between so what is it I can write about in the last  post of the year.

While I am almost at the end of 2017, I am able to look back  on the past  11 months and 30 and half days. A year in which I have faced personal challenges but I can say confidently ‘thus far the Lord  has taken me’ I have no regrets because all I have experienced has been training ground I came out the other side a Victor. As they say ‘no pain no gain I am now  wiser and richer  as a result  of all I experienced. So I want to say to the year which is almost coming to an end fare well 2017, and to the year which is  almost dawning I am crossing over into 2018 confident that the God  who travelled with me then is ready  to travel with me again. What can the world throw at me which God and I can not handle together? NOTHING!

I wish you all who have visited my blog  and those who will be passing by  a Happy and wonderful New Year filled with many opportunities.



To all my valued followers yesterday you may have seen a blank blog post, I apologise I have been having problems with my broadband. It will soon be put right. Thank you for your patience. I will soon be back on the blogosphere and connecting with you all. In the meantime I wish you all happy blogging.


I would like to warmly welcome the following  ALPHA E. Y. TIMELY ECHOES; Evelina; pipafineart.com; Max Meunier; Business Edge For America; dobenyafarm;  Site Title; Notes from Africa and Living for Experiences who recently joined  the  mydailyencounters06 blog  small community. Thank you for visiting  and following,  I hope  you will enjoy reading what I post and feel free to leave  your thoughts to help me  improve  my writing.

I am still recuperating from my knee  op.  I am slowly  getting back  into the swing of life  again. I will  be resuming to post soon.

A big  thank you for all your get well messages they brought  a smile  on my face knowing  that there was  so  much love from all of you I appreciate  it very much.


Just to let you all know that I will not be  posting for  a while as I have had  a knee operation  which was very successful. I am now recuperate  for  at least  two weeks. I will be reading your all your posts.


I regret that I have not been writing any posts lately due to a couple reasons first  health issues and secondly governance issues in my home country. I am now trying to do a little of catching up with the word prompts I have missed for a while now.

In response to the one word prompt : Confused I thought on reflecting on the whole issue of governance which has prompted me to write this post. In my simple understanding as a lay person as far as politics is concerned, government is the system by which  a country is ruled making sure every one is governed justly.

When a nation goes to the polls either to change a government or to put in place for the first time  one after a long period of being governed by un democratically elected government it has certain expectations. The whole exercise of elections is about  putting  in place leaders who will work flat out to address the issues which affect people’s lives.

Here is what has since been confusing  me:  people who aspire to be elected into government will say the right things as you listen to them throughout their campaign rallies they are so convincing that you can almost visualise things changing as soon as they are in power. I can only talk about the experience we had in my own country Zimbabwe, when the current government which has been in power for  36 years was campaigning we were promised, better standard of living. sound provision of education facilities, good health systems, jobs and many other things which were part of our  expectations in 1980 and went to the polls in our thousands  to put in place a government of our choice.

The first five years you could see that the heart of the government leaders was in the right place but as power got into their heads they began to lose the plot it is no longer about the issues which were important to the people. 31 years on all we can see are repressive laws, loss of jobs education standards deteriorating the list is endless it feels like what P. J. O’Rourke said,  “Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys” power has completely corrupted our leaders to a point where they no longer care what happens to people’s lives – that is confusing because you wonder what happened to those ideals they promised they would work towards  improving people’s  life.

What is confusing  is the purpose of going to the polls, it feels like  you are giving them another mandate to make your life a misery on all fronts.  Looting the national purse for their benefit yet they see how people struggle to feed their families every day yet that does not seem to bother them.

What people wanted was to have a right to have a vote, now that right seem like a license to suffering if that is not confusing I do not know what is. I hope one day those who govern will remember the purpose why governments are put in place in the first place, to govern justly.


Hello? Can anyone hear us? Or have we become an echo.

My Small Steps in a Big World.

​Hello? Can anyone hear us? Or have we become an echo.

Once upon a time.. Zimbabwe was a beautiful tourist destination. Covered in flowers, an overwhelming heat and one of the seven wonders of the world. We have always been here and it has not been easy but we have always remained. Strong. Together. As one. What stands now is cruelty, devastation and inhuman living standards. Are you scared to leave your house to drive down a main road? I am. Are you in lock down due to the inhospitable environment? I am.

There’s not much one young girl can do but I figured it’s as good of a time as any to express my pain filled heart and depression. I used to walk the roads with my mother, chat to pedestrians and wave at cars. I couldn’t do such a thing now, would I be ‘stoned’, lit alight or…

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It was not to be #dailyinspiration

Day twenty: ‘Wrap It Up’  I was very enthusiastic when I joined this challenge twenty days ago and was determined to do it all. Today’s prompt is about wrapping up what I was supposed to have done in the past twenty days. Unfortunately I had problems with the technical side of my blogging so I only managed to write three posts so wrapping up becomes a bit of a challenge. As I did not do all the prompts so I did not have any writing session which I can say gave me ‘a penny dropped’ experience but there was one writing experience which I enjoyed writing very much.

Day nineteen was about writing a post based on a map, I chose the map of Zimbabwe which is my country of origin specifically I wrote about the town I was born and brought up Gweru which is right in the middle of the country. Writing about Gweru gave me an opportunity to go back the place where I was born and brought up in my mind. It was life affirming musing about the environment which shaped my value systems and influenced the way I perceive life. The reason I enjoyed writing this post was the fact of me revisiting in my mind memories which are close to my heart. Gweru as I knew it then was a very loving and caring community there was never a difference between different types of families. Single parents were supported by the entire community children were disciplined by every adult in the community. My own father had left my mum and us children but there was always a father figure who played as a male role model within the community.

Despite the fact that I did not do all the challenges I really enjoyed writing the three posts I did write. I will certainly look back on them to inspire me as I continue to blog. I see myself still blogging in 20 years time because writing gives me a voice.