Summer Joy

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Summer is characterised with gardens looking lush and beautiful, it is enhanced if the sun shines and there is joy in the air. Eight years ago when I came to live in the United Kingdom I could never get the excitement people had about summer. It took me a good three years to comprehend the reason behind this joy about summer.

Autumn sees ushers in dark, long and  cold days and people tend to spend more time indoors to keep warm. Winter is characterised with bare trees without leaves and things look grey and grim. The only people you see on streets and roads are those who take children to school and those going to work. It is easy to think that people do not live in your community because of lack people outside. I am a native of country where the sun shines nine months of the year even in winter the sun will shine and will be relatively warm.

Come the spring things begin to liven up a bit with long and light days and the daffodils blooming ushering in the warm weather. More and more  people come out, kids play out on the streets bicycles come out and there is a smile on most people’s faces that is what summer does to people it makes them joyful.

Summer in this  part of the world is about outings, walks  and camping enjoying the outdoor activities like visiting places of interest and attending various festivals. Summer is one season where people have positive energy, for me summer is about being Joyful.

In response to the One word prompt:  Summer.




In response to the one word prompt: ‘Mask’ I am not sure where to place the blame that most of us tend to want to hide what is really going on inside. I guess  it is growing up being told that you keep things that trouble you to your self because the world is not interested in your troubles. It may be that most of the time when people ask you how things are they are really not interested they are just being courteous  so we tend to pretend that all is well.

Most of the smiles we wear are just a mask we wear so as to hide the heartbreak, the illness and whatever else may be going on. For an example if someone asks. ‘How are you?’ casually you know there and then that they do not intend to spend the next hour listening to your problems so you respond. ‘I am okay thanks for asking’ to avoid them feeling awkward when they force themselves to give you their time. Now it is like it is part of life to wear ‘all is well mask’ because people do not have the time.

There are so many people who suffer from depression which can be avoided if only they could share the challenges they face in life with someone who really cares and willing to give them an ear even if they would solve the problems. ‘A burden shared is burden halved’ so goes the saying if only humans would start caring in the true sense of the word people would not pretend by wearing masks.

My Easter Pilgrimage

Hello everyone, I have been not been writing responding to the inspiring one word prompts we have been getting from WordPress because I had gone on a spritual retreat during over Easter. I spent nine days on the isle of Iona in Scotland .


This was the setting of my nine day retreat at the Iona Abbey where we reflected on the theme ‘Marked by the cross’ it was a time of soul searching in relation to the Good Friday and Easter. I really had an experience of a life time.

Weekly Photo Challenge – One Love

This week’s photo challenge comes during Lent a time when as a Christian I reflect on God’s love for me. For me that One Love is SACRIFICIAL  for “God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whosoever believes in him will have life eternal” John 3 :16  The only photograph that I could find that reflects what love means to me is this one from GOODSALT.COM


“Love so amazing, so divine, Demands my soul,my life,  my all”

Drawing Lines

I have not been able to participate in these one word prompts so I decided I will play catch up  and attempt a couple. I will begin with  – Divide  I could not help but reflect on  how lines were drawn on racial grounds.

I grew up in a nation where people were separated  by the colour of their skin without wanting to be political but just being simple that division deprived its people to learn from each other and share what each race had to develop a diverse and rich nation.

What can only be separated by colour are clothes for washing, people should never be separated because they need each other. Many opportunities have been lost by separating people on grounds of colour, gender, religion etc. if that had not happened perhaps the world would be a better and safe place for all to live together in harmony.

Weekly Photo Challenge-Harmony

The theme for this week’s challenge is about capturing a photograph that reflects harmony- while I am currently living in the diaspora there is not one day which passes without me thinking about when things would return to normal in my native land Zimbawe.

The state of the nation for nearly two decades has not been great politically. Everything seem to be going downhill but the following photograph taken at what is generally known as ‘Victoria Falls’ reflects  A harmonic convergence of heaven and earth. Everytime I look at this photograph I am filled with hope that one day the fortunes of our nation will turn for the better and there will be harmony between the governed and thde governors.


Weekly Photo challenge -State of Mind

Brief: Let your inner world  and the outside one converge in a photo

The 2015/16 winter has been characterised by wind and rain to a point I wished it would stop raining. Last Wednesday started with the rain I just carried on with my work routine despite the miserable weather. At around 4:00 p.m the rain had stopped there was this amazing sunset over our village


I could not resist catching this lovely site which warmed my inner being although the weather outside was very nippy.






















Weekly Photo Challenge -Seasons



These crocuses signal the beginning of Spring, I took this photograph in our church garden yesterday. Standing admiring these beautiful flowers got me thinking about the timing oftheir blooming. It  is always at the end of winter, what I find amazing is that even after a severe winter they gloriously bloom. I am assured that whatever life throws at you with determination you can still rise up and dust yourself and flourish like these beautiful flowers.

Yesterday  was a very miserable and grey day  in Manchester rainy and windy you could have never imagined that the sun would show up at the end of the day miracoulously it  did. My friend got this beautiful winter sunset


Just like the crocuses life may seem like everything is curving in but in the end something beautiful can emerge from the chaos. I  speak from my own experience after my marriage ended I never imagined I would pick myself up and got where I am now in the spring of my life blooming in the way I never thought was possible. Seasons change so does life  sometimes for the best.

Nerve Wrecking

In response to the Daily writing posts prompt: ‘Naked with Black socks’ the prompts asks about one’s feelings about public speaking. I am always a nervous wreck everytime I am about to speak in public but that has never stopped me in doing it.

My public speaking career started when I signed up to teach in Sunday school as a teenager, having trained to be a sunday school teacher I was still nervous infront of my class of seven year olds. What scared me was not whether I was a good speaker but the fact that whatever I was doing infront of these seven year olds was laying foundations of their faith I needed to get it right at this stage in their lives. I thank God that now decades on most of those seven year olds have become God fearing men and women. Some have been called to ordained ministry in the church. I was priviledged to be invited to the ordination of one of my seven year old now a grown up man and hear him share how his call came as result of what had been sown in him by his sunday school teacher. I was humbled to have been that sunday school teacher.

All public speaking is supposed to influence either positively or nagatively those who are in the audience no wonder it is scary. As far as I am concerned what scares me is what effect my speaking will have on my audience.  I am now invited to go and present papers to different organisations obviously my confidence has grown but I am still scared wishing I was not doing it. I am also a Local preacher in the Methodist church which means I lead worship most sundays which includes preaching, after every worship all I want to do is sleep because I am drained emotionally.

I love and enjoy public speaking and am getting good at it but that does not take away   the fear of speaking infront of people the first ten minutes its a nightmare but I will never be put off from public speaking.


Weekly Photo Challenge- Circle



I used this photograph in another post on this blog, I realised that it reflects the brief of this  week’s challenge which was about a shape that inspires you.

Everytime I look at this photograph the sun shinning through the trees is a source of inspiration for me. I want to open my life so that God’s Holy Spirit can shine through my life transforming me to be the kind of person  I need to be. This is my hope for this New year.