A problem

Happy New year to you all. Throughout the festive seasons I did not have an opportunity  to write new posts or even visit my blog.

I was surprised  when I was following  up some developments only to discover that some photographs  I imported  from my Facebook account do not  show except as a link.

  • My apologies to you all for this  problem I will figure out how to put it right.

Cause for Celebration


Calling all of my lovely community who have stopped and read my daily posts. While others can achieve the 1000 like post mark in a day I am just HAPPY to even reach 1000 which has been long time coming. I owe all this to you all Please join me to celebrate this land mark. This is motivation enough for me to continue posting because of  people like you who take time to visit my blog and read. A BIG, BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL.

A word of Welcome

I would like to welcome Joyously Hopeful and  SimpleUla who recently started following this blog and thank you for joining a small community of friends and look forward to reading each other’s posts. Hope the experience will be worthwhile for you.

A Word of Gratitude

The decision to start a blog was to one day become a writer  my idea at the time was to express my feelings of what I experience and encounter in life day to day. I have been blogging for nearly four years, the first two years I did not know how to even develop my blogging skill. The breakthrough came when I enrolled with Blogging 101 in March 201 that changed my whole blogging experience. I am still not anywhere near mastering the art of writing. If  my writing  only depended on how many views I got in week  I would have given up by now, thank God it is more than that  the desire to be  a writer and the people who have encouraged me to continue which is the reason for this post.

First my thanks go to WordPress for providing a forum where anyone can have a go at writing and the most helpful staff who  offer much needed support. Second to my 104 followers whose support I value immensely. Out of the 104 followers the following have become friends even if we have never met in person  I turn to them when I experience problems with blogging: swo8; reginamartins; Donna; relax; Scott Andrew Bailey and my lovely niece hllnteve  just being there has been brilliant so thank you ever so much.

Recently the following have started following my blog: eitsallinmind; honestme363; Prais; Simplethingsinlife; blessedmomentsnmemories; stewards ofchrist; sentimentschristian; deWetsWild; TalkativetTongue;  Thank you for following and welcome to this small community of friends and look forward to reading each other’s posts.


My reason for starting this blog was to acquire writing skills, at first it was all trial and error as I had no clue about what writing was all about. I have kept journals where at the end of each day I reflected and put down thoughts on what I  had experienced and encountered during the course of the day.

The first two years of blogging I did not know how to even publicise the posts so I kept them and never did anything with them because I convinced myself I was not good enough  a writer. I then signed up to do U blogging 101 course which set me on the right track it was as a result of doing that course that I started publicising my posts and started having a couple of bloggers reading my posts and some of them started following me. Some of my followers have become very good friends who encourage and give me advice of how to improve my writing skills. To these valued friends I say thank you ever so much for being there and for being part of this journey.

I do follow quite a few bloggers  and I look forward in reading their posts and learn a lot from their writing. I am pleased for them when I see that some of them are up to hundreds of followers when I had not even reached a hundred but guess what today I was informed by WordPress that I had reached the hundred mark of followers, you when you get this sign


I tell you I was so thrilled as I never in my wildest dreams thought I would have this many people  who find my writing worth reading so today I celebrate this amazing achievement by saying a BIG  THANK YOU to these wonderful people who make my writing worthwhile.

I am now more determined to make what I write worth their time. Thank you WordPress for this forum where I have been able to express my inner most feelings. Who knows this may motivate me to writing a book which has always been my aspiration.


To all my valued followers and all bloggers, I have been making changes to the blog. Those who are following my blog were doing so under the title of handikwani02; now that title has changed to mydailyencounters06  or encounters. Those who were already following you may be asked to follow me again under this new title.  I was assured by the support staff that those who were already following would automatically be transferred to the new title.

I would be grateful to know that you are still interested in following my blog if you just click follow assuming that is the case.

Thank you once again for visiting which I have greatly appreciated.

My Roots #Everyday Inspiration

20160606_125041 (1)


I was born and brought up in Gweru the third largest city of Zimbabwe, any one born in this beautiful city will boast of knowing the rules of driving round a round about. To exit be it North, South, East and West you have to go through a round about not mentioning the many other round about which lead to different suburbs in the city.

One of the test you have to do when being tested for a driver’s license is to go round a round about. I am very critical to how drivers go round  any round about because I think Gweru citizens are the best in exiting a round about. Gweru is also known as the coldest city in Zimbabwe. Last week it was reported that some certain rural areas of Gweru had snowed  during what has been termed the coldest winter in the history of the nation.

My only regret at the moment is the deterioration of the city as result of the governance crisis facing the entire nation. My heart broke last May when I actually saw it my self how the city was at the brink of collapse. Public services are not functioning as they should, which is a common feature in the country as a hole. This state of affairs can only be redressed when a new and progressive government takes over. That is just my wishful thinking because that does not seem as if it will happen soon. Having said that there is one positive thing which the rest of the nation can emulate.  Harnessing of solar power to use for traffic lights. While most of the traffic lights are not working in other cities and towns Gweru traffic lights will be working because they are powered by solar power.

I am proud to have been born and brought up in Gweru which is at the heart of the nation.


Daily prompt: Angry,  the past two weeks have been very frustrating for me, it was all triggered by me failing to respond to comments made by fellow bloggers on some of the posts I had  written for the  #Everyday Inspiration challenge I had just started. The problem was over a wrong password which on face value you think is just a minor thing. However as I tried to sort this out I got more and more annoyed as I was kept being told you have a  wrong password.

The initial reaction was being angry at myself for not   being able to put right  the silly little mistake of the password. I was full of rage every time I tried to reset and continually being told ‘there is error the password does not match with username’ I was annoyed because I knew the password was correct and was further annoyed not getting any help from the Support page.

I am not sure that there is a difference between being annoyed and being angry. I think there is a very thin line between these two emotions.


Hi everyone,

This is just to let you know that I have not been posting in the past two weeks the reason being I have been having problems with both my laptop and ipad hopefully the  problems will soon be sorted so that I can get back to posting again.

I just want to thank all who have been stopping by and those who have recently started following my blog I am very grateful.

Help at Hand

In response to the Daily writing prompt: ‘World’s Best Widget’ The brief of this post is about building a widget. This is going to be the shortest post I have ever written.

Having struggled with how to make use of all that my PC offers, I would want to develop a ‘widget’ to help those of my own age group who were born before computers (bbcs – abbreviated) to remind them of what do when they are stuck when they are in the middle of working on a project.

I have now mastered how to incorporate photographs on to some  of my post. Some times I would read about how to do different things while working on the computer but when it comes to use what I would have read, my mind goes blank. I some times forget the process of cutting and pasting some articles yet a seven year old can do that with no problems. So if there can be a ‘widget’ which I can just click to remind me step by step of what to do my world of computers would be enjoyable.