Digital Camera Hello! My name is Mabel. Welcome to my blog, thank you for taking time to stop by.
BORN and BRED in Gweru, Zimbabwe currently living in the United Kingdom
TRAINED Social Worker who now holds a B.A.(HONS) and an M.A. in Contextual Theology
The BLOG’s purpose is to reflect on issues which I encounter daily and (a) inspire/influence me such as world affairs/issues and that concern me and (b) that make me happy.
I am not a trained writer but have passion to express myself, as I share with you through my posts I do hope you will find posts thought provoking and interesting.
I invite you to feel free to make comments which I will value immensely as they will only help me to improve my blog.


23 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi YWWP, thank you for visiting my site and the comment, I appreciate all the advice I get in making my blog better. You did advice that I should be precise with words, I am not sure I understand what mean, if you can spare the time I would appreciateif you could clarify what you mean so that I can improve the blog.

    • Hello, i loved your backdrop and your introduction of your self. I like your style of writing. I am grateful to the writing 101 class because of which i have started blogging. Enjoy your weekend.

      • thank you for thosekind words, I am learning my writing is still at the beginners stage, I am glad I made the decision to enrol for the course, My early writing was rubbish but thanks to WordPress I am begin to notice the difference. I look forward to you and I reading each other’s posts.

  2. Hi Mabel
    I am really enjoying your posts. I find your thoughts interesting. I really hope that you stick with your writing and continue with it. It will help to keep your posts varied which seems to be what you’re doing.

    • Hi patchworkrainbows, you have no idea what your comment about my posts has done to my confidence. It has been a struggle ever since I started blogging as I never got any viewers to my blogs. It is only when I enrolled for this course that I have had people viewing my blogs and my posts. I have not had any formal training or computer skills I have taught myself by trial and error. I assumed I was rubbish at writing that is why people were not being attracted to stop by and read my posts.
      I was trying to use assignment 4 to try and improve the look of my blog but it is improving to be a challenge. I am not giving up I will try and try again until I get it. Thank you.

  3. Don’t be discouraged – keep working through the assignments and reach out to others taking the course. You’ll find that your technical skills will improve and you’ll learn ways to generate traffic to your site. It’s all part of the journey!

    • Hi Scott,
      When you were nominated you said you were shocked and flattered, I am humbled. When I read your blog and other people’s I then realise how my writing is mediocre that I do not deserve to be awarded any thing really I would pick up ten people who are far much better than me for this award. Thank you for counting me as one of potential writers what you have done is boost my confidence in continuing to write. As for the award I am not sure, but if you insist what am I supposed to do next? I did go to the link you suggested and saw the questions you have posed for us you nominees what I can not figure out is what to do next. Thank you again for the vote of confidence.

    • Iam glad that we are both doing the same course I am sure we are going to learn a lot as far as blogging is concerned. Thank you for visiting my blog site. Together we can put Africa on the world map.

    • Hi jjz3,
      Thank you for nominating me for this award, I am not sure about what I must do next, I have read the rules for the Award my problem is not knowing what to do next. I would be grateful if you could help me with the next step. As you may have realised that I am very slow at learning.

      • Hi, Accepting award can be very intimidating when you are new at blogging. Basically, what you do is follow the link given to you by the person giving you the award to see what the details are such as general ‘rules’.
        What is usual is that you do a post thanking the person who gave you the award and do a link to his blog. I don’t know if you know how to do that, but you can ask me if you don’t.
        In the post after you thank the person, you copy and paste (or type) the rules as he has them on his post… into YOUR post.

        Then you answer his questions that he is asking those who he gave the award to
        Then you choose the number of bloggers that you want to pass the award to.. and list them as he did …his. and you link their blog .

        This is a very tedious but fun thing to participate in, BUT if you’re not ready to tackle it yet as you are just finding your way…. You can simply on his blog in comment area, that he linked you to, ‘thank them very much for this award, but as you are just learning you don’t feel at this time you can do everything involved, but when you do, you will most certainly do so” There is nothing wrong with realizing that it is a bit too much at this time, with you just learning.

        So, when you’re ready to try I would just keep track of the blog that awarded you, and do it when you feel more able to….

        Hope I helped you in some way… Diane

      • Hi Diane,
        First I would like to thank you for visiting my site. That is what makes blogsphere special when people go out of their way to help those who are learning to write. Secondly for taking time to read my posts and leaving this comment which is a very big boost knowing there are people who care so much.
        As you have rightly observed Diane I am learning and trying to establish myself as good blogger. When jjz3 nominated me I did not know how the award system works. I did acknowledge the award and told him that I did not know what to do next
        Not only am I learning how to be a good blogger I struggle a bit with technology which I have progressed a bit during the blogging 101 course which I did in March. I am now a bit confident doing things with my laptop. I am not giving up. Thank you ever so much for the step by step instructions which I will follow once I have sorted the teething problems I am having with the new laptop which I recently bought as my old one was needing replacing. as a 60+ lady learning new things do take time. I will be calling on you Diane thank you for offering to help….. Mabel.

      • Do contact me when you’re ready and I’ll try to walk you through if you get stuck.. because when I did them and was new at it, I really got confused sometimes… There is also the award logo to put on your sidebar… (and the making up of questions if that is part of the rules, for the people you select)…. Take your time though and wait until you’re ready… Diane

    • Thank you for stopping by and taking your time to read my posts. My writing is not yet up to scratch but all I want to do is share my daily experiences and encounters. As I learn each day I hope I can develop my writing skills. Thank you again for following my blogs and trust you will find it worthwhile.

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