How I wish

What a prompt on this last day of one word prompts, from the day it was announced  that prompts were no longer going to be done I have been regretting why I had not written  as often as I was able. I wish procrstination had not get the better of me.

Retrospection always make you regret what could have been, if I had written as many posts  as there were prompts  I would have a lot of posts to draw from for where I want to take my blogging.

As I look back now on the ones I did write I am surprised as my own thought processes  how  I interprets  each prompt taking it where  ever the direction it felt good to me.

Some of them  took me to places which I could have happily avoided, but interesting enough writing posts on issues which had caused me pain in my past become a very positive therapy.

What  a journey I have been these past seven years thanks to the team who motivated all of us to write.  The challenge  now is where do I go from here begin  to have my own ideas  of what I want to write  and post on the Reader. I wonder what it is going to happen  if I put off writing with the prompts, would I ever get myself  motivated  enough to write. It is going to be a challenge  which I am will to face head  on. Who knows  this may be what I needed to take my writing to the next level.


4 thoughts on “How I wish

  1. I was shocked when I heard the prompts and my favourite photo challenge were no more. There is Cee’s Photo challenges which will satisfy my photographic needs. As to the writing, I’ve decided to write more about my professional life which hopefully will still engage people. There are many bloggers sharing prompts so we need to find them 🙂

  2. Mabel you still can write and share your thoughts and experiences. You bring a special insight. Also writing is excellent therapy.

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