Weekly Photo Challenge – Delta

The brief of the week’s photo challenge is to show a photograph that reflects change and transition. Different countries have their unique seasonal transitions which is seen in nature. For this challenge I have decided to go into my archives and take you back to Zimbabwe and share one seasonal change which I love which is from winter to Spring, this is as from August to September.

Last week I shared the jacaranda tress which are not indigenous Zimbabwean trees, the msasa trees are indigenous and they mark the transition from winter to spring and then to summer.


This is the beginning of the transition when the trees begin to get their leaves after the winter season. The different  rusty colours  colours can be seen just beginning.


Here every msasa tree is showing the change.


In this one the different shades can be seen.


This is how the msasa trees look early in a spring morning. This is my favourite season I just enjoy driving at this time of the year because everywhere you look the msasa trees look stunning. By end of September the msasa trees are all green as summer settles in.



4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Delta

  1. Oh they are beautiful! I love the colours of trees as they change from season to season. I have never been to Zim so have not had the opportunity to see this beauty in person, but your photos are spectacular Mabel.

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