Weekly Photo Challenge – Transient

My interpretation of last week’s photo challenge of things that do not last brought to mind small pleasures I enjoy only for a limited period of time.


I have used this photograph before for another post, I feel it suit last week’s photo challenge. The beginning of Zimbabwean ‘summer’ is marked by the bloom of the jacaranda trees they only last for a month and then they are gone. They are glorious while they last once they are gone you are only left with the memories of the lilac colour which is no longer visible. The jacaranda bloom are one of my momentarily pleasures which are transient.



Swings are my grandson’s little pleasures so every time I am visiting one of my tasks is to go and spend time with him at the swings. He loves being swung into the air which he  loves to bits. That moment of being in the air does not last because it can not be sustained for a long time for safety reasons. The two of us enjoy it as long as it lasts.


9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Transient

  1. Hi Mabel, if the jacaranda trees last a month you are lucky indeed. They are so beautiful. Children on swings are also a lovely time. I still like to go on a swing.

    • HI Leslie the sight of them are really glorious, having said they do also make a mess on the streets. They jacaranda follows the glorious indigenous trees called which have beautiful colours round about end of August beginning of September it makes Zimbabwean spring a beautiful time. to be outdoors enjoying the natural world. Thank you.

  2. I love Jacarandas. Do you know that in South Africa we have a city (Pretoria) nicknamed the Jacaranda City? Every October and November they turn the city into a purple wonderland. Unfortunately, these trees are not indigenous to South Africa and no new trees may be planted. The photo of you and your grandchild is sweet; I wish I could spend more time with mine.

    • What is lovely is that the Jacaranda follows after the msasa trees which are stunning as from the end of August to early September so you move from the msasas to the Jacarandas. It is really beautiful. Harare as well does look beautiful when the Jacarandas are in full bloom. I always say the only thing the politicians can not spoil is the nature around us and at the present it is the only thing which is still beautiful and not corrupted.
      Thank you for stopping by.

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