American Election Results

The announcement that the president elect was Mr. Donald Trump evoked mixed emotions  in people around the world. I can not explain why I was so emotional moved by what had happened in America except that partly I had hoped the most powerful nation on the earth would be led by a woman. Secondly I was afraid of  Mr. Trump’s rhetoric about buildings walls to keep foreigners especially Muslims out of America

Two days after it had sunk in my head that the Americans had spoken by electing Mr. Trump as their next president I told myself I must get used to this result as it was how democracy works people have the right to choose who their leader is going to be.

Americans elected the man they want to lead their nation, a lot of reasons have been given for Mr. Trump’s victory  some of them are loss of jobs a feeling that those in power were not listening to ordinary working Americans and a longing for change. As we watched on television those who were celebrating have hopes and expectations that Mr. Trump will bring about the change they hope for. Changes that are going to enhance their way of life especially making the most needed jobs available.

Presidency is a full time job which demands that the one who holds the office is available to lead the nation 24/7. The American president elect is an owner of 500 companies, business concerns which will still demand his leading. There is no doubt that Mr. Trump is an achiever for saying he set himself to win the election and he did.

My concern is, how is he going to divide his time between his business empire and the world’s powerful nation which is looked up to as far as world affairs is concerned. Those Americans who voted for him will be expecting him to deliver on his promises, the world will be expecting America to sort out problems in Syria and Iraq not forgetting all the other challenges which are currently  causing concern as far as world peace is concerned. In my mind either Mr Trump’s business empire will be left to be run by whoever he chooses to do it on his behalf if he is going to give his all to deliver on his promises or he may leave  the congress to run the affairs of the nation either way one of these demanding roles will have to give.

My hope is that those who voted for Mr. Trump will not be disillusioned when the change they  so desire is not delivered simply because the man they elected to be president has a lot to take care of.


5 thoughts on “American Election Results

  1. We’re in dire trouble. That’s the general feeling even of those who insisted he must win. The people actually voted Clinton the president, but the arcane Electoral College process turned the popular vote into a big fat nothing with its own vote.

  2. Hi Mabel, don’t feel bad. I don’t think Hillary was the best choice to run for the Democrats. She didn’t lose because she was a woman, she lost because she had a lot of bad baggage from her time in office.

  3. It is complicated why on earth had both leading political parties nominate candidates with problems with bad baggage.
    It is still hard for me to think how the president elect would do justice to the office with such a huge business empire it does not look right.

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