Weekly Photo Challenge- Chaos

It has taken me a couple of days to do this challenge as I was trying to find photographs that would reflect the theme of challenge. What came into my mind as I reflected on the challenge chaos was confusion and anarchy on the other hand though words like disorder and pandemonium also came  into my mind.

A couple of months ago as I was just siting in my lounge enjoying the peace and quiet of my flat  I heard a huge crashing sound from my kitchen  I had to go and investigate what had happened. My kitchen cupboards had collapsed as this photo shows:-


I was confronted with complete disorder in my neatly kept kitchenette as reflected in the next photograph:-


It may not look like pandemonium but for me it was pandemonium all my crockery had been reduced to domestic rubble as you can see also in the following photograph:-


Cleaning up this mess was chaotic  as I did not at that point have any utensils to use I had to go and replace what I had lost  something I had not planned to do.

It however reminded me of what happened in my life when my marriage broke down, it felt like my life was in pieces but I am glad I was able to pick up the pieces and started building my life again.



7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge- Chaos

    • Hi Leslie, it looks like the plastic screws which held the shelves were giving way bit by bit until that night when they just packed up and set my cupboards tumbling down.
      It was frightening at first thinking someone had thrown a stone through my kitchen window. It was a relief to discover what had happened.
      Thank you Leslie.

  1. It was one of those things which happen when i cupboards have been holding the crockery for a long time they just give in. While it was something I had not planned to do. I do like what I have replaced the broken with.
    Thanks for stopping by it always a pleasure to hear from you.

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