Handle with Care

Still playing catch up with the daily word prompts which I have not written for quite a while now. On the 16th of September 2016 the one word prompt was ‘Fragile’ my mind went quickly to those parcels or boxes which are written ‘handle with care’ advising handlers to know they have to be careful as contents may be broken as they are being moved. I recalled a time in my life when ‘handle with care’ was written all over my face.

Life for most has twist and turns one minute all is going well, pursue your chosen career and you succeed, you get a dream job you excel and you become very confident at that moment you appear to have everything in control. One betrayal every thing come tumbling down you  and your world curves in and you then realise you are not in control after all there things you can not stop happening to you it is just how life is.

My life became very fragile when my marriage came to an end, up until then I believed I had everything under control, I was doing so well in my job managing my own life the best I could the best wife I could be until my husband dropped a bombshell letting me know he was no longer in love with me. Emotionally I became fragile, seeing a couple holding hands tore me to pieces and I would break down. Receiving wedding invitations made me cry and  any situation which reminded me of the love I had reluctantly lost made me lose it. I became very sensitive an innocent comment would make me so furious concluding it was aimed at criticising me. I was no longer the person I was, that got me thinking.

There is something about giving your heart to someone in love that is wounded when that love is betrayed I am still figuring what it is that leaves one in a state of not being able to function after a relationship breaks down. I guess that is a subject for another post, ‘handle with care’ label is only meant for goods not human beings we should not be fragile when our hearts are  broken.


5 thoughts on “Handle with Care

  1. Mabel that was so candid and it had to be difficult to talk about it. When we love someone, we are, indeed, very vulnerable. When it works it should make both of you strong and full of joy. To have it ripped away has to be most painful. In the end of our lives, though, we are all alone. That is why we have to cherish each moment of friendship and kindness along the way.

    • It has not been an easy road Leslie but I thank God that I had the resources to deal with it. I am now able to write about it with out feeling upset or angry. I do not know if I told I managed to start another blog which is specifically about life after the break up hoping to help others who may have experienced what I experienced. I only post there once in three months if you can spare the time here is the blog site address http://www.december18blog.wordpress.com.

    • Thank you Joan for visiting, I thank God for seeing me through It is now 11 years since my marriage ended and a lot has happened and God has over and over again has been faithful and see me through it all..I am now able to write about it with resentment t all. I guess the reason I keep making reference to is to help others who may be going through what I went through making hem realise that a break up can be used as a springboard of greater things. I am testimony to that.

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