My Faith – The Lord’s Prayer

Alice Walker said “The most common way people give up power is by thinking they don’t have any.”  That is how I feel sometimes every day I read news papers  I feel like there is nothing which is going right and yet I feel powerless to try  and bring about  the change needed.

I have struggled in the past couple of months to say the Lord’s prayer especially the phrase thy kingdom come. I am fully aware that what is going on around the world is not God’s  will. I feel I can not continue saying that line when I can not do anything to make that happen in situations where there is great suffering.

My faith has been challenged a lot lately as I asked why is it that some people seem to have the freedom to cause so much pain for others especially the most vulnerable in society like women, children and the elderly. As I watch people risk their lives crossing the oceans in search of safer places to lead a normal life away from conflict. I can not help but feel helpless.

Jesus once said in John 10:10 “I came that people may have life and have it in all its fullness.”  Being uprooted by conflict from the country of your origin is not having life in its all its fullness. I know it is not God’s will that some people should experience such degree of suffering. I have now given up the power because I now believe I do not have the power to do anything to make a difference in this our broken world.

While my faith has been challenged I believe God is still in control and that he will restore his creation to what he intended it to be and that peace will prevail.



4 thoughts on “My Faith – The Lord’s Prayer

  1. Mabel, you are not alone about feeling helpless regarding the conditions in the world. But you are a good person and every time you do a good deed you are making it a better world. Don’t become discouraged. That is what faith is about.

  2. It’s very discouraging, yet every smile builds someone up, and then they build someone up, and then they build someone up… it matters. As does writing one’s heart.

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