My Roots #Everyday Inspiration

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I was born and brought up in Gweru the third largest city of Zimbabwe, any one born in this beautiful city will boast of knowing the rules of driving round a round about. To exit be it North, South, East and West you have to go through a round about not mentioning the many other round about which lead to different suburbs in the city.

One of the test you have to do when being tested for a driver’s license is to go round a round about. I am very critical to how drivers go round  any round about because I think Gweru citizens are the best in exiting a round about. Gweru is also known as the coldest city in Zimbabwe. Last week it was reported that some certain rural areas of Gweru had snowed  during what has been termed the coldest winter in the history of the nation.

My only regret at the moment is the deterioration of the city as result of the governance crisis facing the entire nation. My heart broke last May when I actually saw it my self how the city was at the brink of collapse. Public services are not functioning as they should, which is a common feature in the country as a hole. This state of affairs can only be redressed when a new and progressive government takes over. That is just my wishful thinking because that does not seem as if it will happen soon. Having said that there is one positive thing which the rest of the nation can emulate.  Harnessing of solar power to use for traffic lights. While most of the traffic lights are not working in other cities and towns Gweru traffic lights will be working because they are powered by solar power.

I am proud to have been born and brought up in Gweru which is at the heart of the nation.


One thought on “My Roots #Everyday Inspiration

  1. That was so interesting, Mabel. It was nice to have the map there because I could look up where Gweru was located. I don’t know whether we were be able to visit Zimbabwe so I really enjoyed reading about it.

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