Things I Like #everydayinspiration

There are many things I like so it hard for me to decide which ones I list and what I leave out. I have decided that I will have two lists under these two headings (i) Things I really like and  things I like.  The difference is that the things I really like are the things I will  make time to do and see, and the things I like are those which I will not loose sleep if I do not do them or see them.

Things I really like

1.Sun rises  and sun sets

2.singing/listening to music

3.Studying the Bible

4. writing

5. spending quality time with loved ones and friends

6. clean and neat tidy house

7. visiting different places/going on holidays (when I can afford it)

8.helping others

9.  reading


Things I like

1. watching television

2. shopping

3.going to watch movies

4. making things i.e. crotcheting, and sewing

5. going for walks

6. photography

7.clothes and shoes

8.mentoring young people (especially young women)

9. volunteering


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