Help at Hand

In response to the Daily writing prompt: ‘World’s Best Widget’ The brief of this post is about building a widget. This is going to be the shortest post I have ever written.

Having struggled with how to make use of all that my PC offers, I would want to develop a ‘widget’ to help those of my own age group who were born before computers (bbcs – abbreviated) to remind them of what do when they are stuck when they are in the middle of working on a project.

I have now mastered how to incorporate photographs on to some  of my post. Some times I would read about how to do different things while working on the computer but when it comes to use what I would have read, my mind goes blank. I some times forget the process of cutting and pasting some articles yet a seven year old can do that with no problems. So if there can be a ‘widget’ which I can just click to remind me step by step of what to do my world of computers would be enjoyable.


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