Nerve Wrecking

In response to the Daily writing posts prompt: ‘Naked with Black socks’ the prompts asks about one’s feelings about public speaking. I am always a nervous wreck everytime I am about to speak in public but that has never stopped me in doing it.

My public speaking career started when I signed up to teach in Sunday school as a teenager, having trained to be a sunday school teacher I was still nervous infront of my class of seven year olds. What scared me was not whether I was a good speaker but the fact that whatever I was doing infront of these seven year olds was laying foundations of their faith I needed to get it right at this stage in their lives. I thank God that now decades on most of those seven year olds have become God fearing men and women. Some have been called to ordained ministry in the church. I was priviledged to be invited to the ordination of one of my seven year old now a grown up man and hear him share how his call came as result of what had been sown in him by his sunday school teacher. I was humbled to have been that sunday school teacher.

All public speaking is supposed to influence either positively or nagatively those who are in the audience no wonder it is scary. As far as I am concerned what scares me is what effect my speaking will have on my audience.  I am now invited to go and present papers to different organisations obviously my confidence has grown but I am still scared wishing I was not doing it. I am also a Local preacher in the Methodist church which means I lead worship most sundays which includes preaching, after every worship all I want to do is sleep because I am drained emotionally.

I love and enjoy public speaking and am getting good at it but that does not take away   the fear of speaking infront of people the first ten minutes its a nightmare but I will never be put off from public speaking.



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