Blogs I loved

In response to the Daily writing posts prompt: ‘Press It’ which asks us to spread a bit of love to three other bloggers by sharing what we loved about their blogs. As  a rule I always without fail read all the posts on the blogs I follow. Today’s prompt give me an opportunity to read new blogs hopefully adding some of them to the list of the blogs I follow. I warmed to this prompt very much.

First up  I read a post on blog  the title of the post is  ‘7 Things  Learnt from writing’ what I liked about the post was the advice the author was offering to other budding blogers. I learnt some clues to improve my own writing.For some reason I understood her way of sharing her knowledge as far  as writing is concerned.

Second I read a post on blog and the title of the post is  ‘Not flawed just….’ this was a posts in which blogers shared their worst quality with  fellow bloggers.  I thought she presented her worst quality in a very light hearted way, as she described something very personal in a very humourous way.I loved the style in which the post was written.

Finally I read the blog   I find all the  posts on this site very informative and his interpretation of the daily prompts is  very intriguing I always look forward to reading posts on this blog as they always reflect a very different perspective.


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