Scenes of my Life

In response to the Daily writing post prompt: ‘This is your life’ When I read this prompt I remembered the television series  this is your life and how famous personalities’ lives were played out not only infront of them but on television and all  watching went through all the drama of their lives. Obviously the programme edited some of the bits which were not so good  as a result half of those lives were left which did nt do any justice to their own history.

As it happens if I will ever write a book it will  be about my life reflecting on all the aspect of it good and bad I would read it cover to cover. Deciding not to read it does not take  away all that has happened,  the fact remains all that happened is my history there would not be part of the book  I would not read  because doing so  wouldbe missing out part of that history.

As I  read about those challenging bits of my life it can only emphasise that what ever life throws at you no matter how bad you can get through them strong rather than be destroyed.That can give me the confidence that whatever bad experiences which  I may face in the future I will survive. Reading about the things that went well in my life will foster the fulfilment of having done something right.

I will definitely read the book cover to cover because it has all the changing scenes of my life in black and  white. That is my life.



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