Wishful Thinking

In response to the Daily writing post prompt: “Do you believe in magic?” As a child I may have been taken by magic enjoying the fantasy world, as I have grown up and mature in my thinking process I do not believe in magic. However what has motivated me to write this post is my wish for the world to be a better place.

My wish is to have the ability to get world waring parties to negotiating conferences so that instead of killing they can sit down at a round table conferences and work at their differences.

Honestly speaking the world at this moment is in a complete mess. If the media is to be believed it is from one crisis to the next,one day its Afganistan,Pakistan, then there is Nigeria and boka haram,then Syria, Somalia then Ukraine to just mention a few troubled spots in the world excluding countries where governments have only brought suffering and pain on their people. I would also get ‘some governments and organisations’ to ‘own up’to supporting rebels who continue to disturb world peace.

If for some reasons I am transformed to have powers to get people to sit down and talk which the United Nations has failed to do.I would begin with the world leaders to talk about how they can live along side each other respecting each other’s soverignity.

Then I would get the leaders of the world’s religions to sit down and talk about the things they have in common and build on those to influence what happens in nations. I would get these leaders to sit with extremist groups to understand what it is that make them kill defenceless and vulnerable people in name of some faith.

This is just wishful thinking it would never be a reality because the world has too many selfish people who do not care about anyone else but themselves. I would want to wish all the bad things happening in our world away so that every one can have life and have it in all its fullness.


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