The Academy

In response to the Daily writing post prompt: ‘The new School’ The more I thought about this prompt the more I was tempted to be influenced by what school was for me and what I believe was the value of that system. I am sure most people in the generations that followed my own may feel this system may be outdated, I have a broader knowledge of life in general because of the education system I went through.

For starters my academy will be divided into two departments i.e. Lower primary and upper primary. In the lower primary department the main focus will be to lay learning foundations, reading,writing, arithmetic and nature study would be the main building blocks and core to the carriculumn. I remember vividly being taught how to prevent and halt soil erosion so we grew up appreciating how to care and look after our enviroment.

In the upper primary department I would have three streams which are:- i) academic:this stream will focus on science subjects and arts subjects; ii) technical: this stream will focus on practical subjects like Information technology, Home ecomincs/Fashion and Fabrics, and agriculture. iii) this stream will focus mainly on life skills i.e. civic – functions of government and roles of parliamentarians, functions of the judiciary and relationships. All these streams would be compulsory with a proviso that the pupils will have an opportunity to opt out of any stream if they feel it is not for them at this stage all these streams will be offering the subjects at introductory level which will be developed at secondary school level before going on to the sixth form college.

I believe that with such aneducation system, if the pupils and students do not get to university level they will have been equipped with the necessary knowledge to enable them to make something of their lives. That is what my academy is designed to do to young minds.


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