What I miss most

In response to the Daily post prompt: “Life’s a candy store” The more I thought about this prompt the more I concluded that this was about the things that were special during my childhood that I would love to do again if an opportunity arose.

Without hopefully revealing how old Iam, the time I grew up there were not as many toys as there are nowadays. What was going for us children of that generation was that people were friendly and caring that they did not harm children if anything they made sure children were protected and were kept safe. Growing up in the southern hemisphere as I did children spent most of their time out doors.

What I miss most of my childhood is the closeness which existed between my sibblings and me. We did not have much in terms of wordly riches, we had each other while each of us had our own friends at school and in our neighbourhood but the bonding my sisters and brother had was very special. We enjoyed each other’s company very much as a family,now that we are all adults each with their own family the closeness seem to have been lost in a good way.

If I was going to plan that experience of life at 108 Norah Road it would not be about candy but it would be about enjoying each other’s company for 24 hours doing things that made us the people we were as a family despite the fact that our parents had gone their separate ways. The bonding amongst us was special.


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