Like mother like daughter

Once I heard someone say, “If you want to know what your wife will be like just look at your mother in-law” That saying has become true as far as my personality and the person I have become.

Growing up it was drummed in my head that the house (family home) had to be spick-and-span always, this philosophy meant that we children (girls in particular) had to learn at an early stage to keep the house neat and tidy. I hated it back then because it meant less time to play with friends on the street.

We lived in a two bedroomed house with six of us children, only now with hind sight I understand why my mum was so obsessed with keeping the house tidy. In those days everything was done manually there were no gadgets found in twenty first century homes.

My other reason of hating my mother’s cleanliness was that every thing had to be done according to how she wanted it to be done.Just sighting one example at the end of each day when all the dishes had been done and put away, dish towels would be washed and left to soak over night in water with bleach (which she made herself)ready for the next day’s use.

Once every week you went every corner of the roof getting rid of cob webs, dust all the pots and pans which she had many, when washing bed sheets you had to put a little of startch so they that when you iron them they will be crispy I am sure you can understand why I hated my mother’s life style.

Two decades on I am now a replica of my mum, I am so obsessed with keeping my flat clean that I keep checking where it needs tidying up and I hate myself for being that. However I love clean enviroment and enjoy being house proud it is not bad at all.
Below is a bit of my mum’s lounge the day I got married twenty years ago it is not the best photograph but it can give you a glimpse of my mother’s enviroment!


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