That is what I have always done and still do

In response to the Daily post prompt: “Handwritten” -When was the last time you wrote something by hand? what was it?
I have always written things by hand and still do. Here is why, I find I do not have an added pressure of worrying about the technicalities of technology while I am thinking about what I am writing. I guess I am not a multitask person as far as writing is concerned.

Obviously my writing does take time because I have to start with a draft and then move on the actual text. However the advantage I have since discovered by writing drafts is the more you repeat the more polished the text becomes.

The two main things I write by hand are (a) my sermons and (b) my journalling, I tend to journal and write sermons at about 5:00 am in the morning as it is the time I am good at thinking. As I do not like taking my laptop with me to bed, but I always have my note pads by my bed it makes sense that I just write as ideas flow while I am still in bed. I actually love to do this and I achieve a lot at this time of the day.


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