In response to the Daily post prompts: ‘Helpless’- Helplessness: that dull, sick feeling of not being the one at the reins.When did you feel like that, and what did you do about it?

The current political situation bedeviling our world has left me very helpless. Nigeria with the menacing Boka Harram terrorising innocent people, Syria with ISS causing untold suffering for children and vulnerable people just mentioning these two. Recently watching the news and the plight of migrants from Syria fleeing the war in their home land and the hostility they are faced with as they try to enter countries they hope to live a normal life.

I feel helpless because I am not and am never going be at the reins of world governments to stop all the wars which cause people to leave their native lands. What makes it harder is the fact that the world governments never seem to deal with what I feel is the root cause of all these wars- the people who supply terrorists with arms to terrorise people, surely there must be someone who sustain these terror groups to continue killing people and unsettling nations.

As a person who is currently not living in my own native land, am baffled with the sentiments expressed by the countries who feel overwhelmed by foreigners from troubled lands. These same governments are the ones who have championed the campaign of democracy in most of the countries where there is political strife but now find it difficult to accept people who find it hard to live in war zones. I feel very helpless in redressing the suffering of all the migrants.

I have not been able to do anything about it because first I am a migrant myself second I am in no position to influence any government policies,if I was I could have influenced my own native government’s policies perhaps I would not be a migrant as I write this post.


4 thoughts on “Migrants

  1. One can not help but be moved by the plight of our fellow man/woman/child in these situations. You put your finger on the problem too. It seems that these countries that taut this illussion of democracy are also the ones who supply and benefit from the arms sales. The irony is so thick it almost makes you sick. The countries that accuse others of human rights abuses are no better than any other country because they are very busy shooting the innocents in their own countries.

  2. The migrant situation is a human tragedy, I feel for everybody especially the children. They go through such danger and hardship to get to a seemingly safe place and are not treated like the humans they are. You make a good case for the root cause. I hope that the madness the world is going through now will come to an end but somehow I’m not sure about the likelihood where there is money involved.

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