About Me

In response to daily post prompt: Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

I am told that when I was born my head was bigger than normal and that I always did not fit into clothes easily so I was nicknamed ‘HANDIKWANI’ in my native language which when translated means ‘I do not fit’ Thank God that the problem righted itself as I grew up and my head became normal again.

I chose to use my nickname as the title of my blog because for some reason the sentiments of my nickname has somehow played out in my own life. For starters as a woman for the best part of my career life I always felt I did not fit in a men’s world more so being an African where women are not supposed to be strong and confident. Every woman who dares to be strong and capable is looked at with suspicion but thank God I proved myself to be a very capable head of department and did my job as well as anyone regardless of my being a woman.

Living in a country where people were divided on racial lines as a black person I never seem to fit in a white people’s world even if I was a native of that nation. I went out of my way to relate to white people and was accepted as an equal but I would get comments like ‘you are different’ meaning that I was different from other Africans.I did not want to be different from being an African I just want to be a human being despite my race.

Being able to fit in in every enviroment without having to work hard to be different is important as far as being myself is concerned. It meant a lot to me to choose my nickname as the title of my blog because I want my daily encounters of life to help me ‘fit in’ regardless of my gender or race but because of being a human being.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I always wondered about your blog name. Your strength brings a smile to my face – keep up the good work. You are doing more than just fitting in – you are rising above the ignorance of those who believe they are superior. Lovely post.

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