On the Edge

In response to the daily post prompt: On the Edge

I thought I would begin this post by sharing what makes me feel on edge- INJUSTICES of any kind, however the problem is sometimes I just feel there is nothing I can do to make things just because the world is not a just place to be. So what I do to keep sane in an unjust world is the following:-

For starters, I experiment on various kind of meals, I am no expert in cooking but I love experimenting with different ingridients and creating my own meals some times the meals are brilliant sometimes the meals are rubbish. However the fact that I am doing something to take my mind away from all that is happening in the world even if it is just for an hour helps me to be sane.

Blogging has become another way of keeping me balanced, here again my writing is not yet up to scratch but just expressing how I feel about what I encounter on a daily basis stabalises my mind from all the conflict characterising our world to day. Alongside my blogging which is a recent development is photography like everything else about my life I am not an expert photographer, but thanks to digital technology I have developed a love of taking pictures. I mainly use my smartphone because I tend to have it with me always. Catching a tiny little flower in full bloom or a beautiful view tends to bring some sanity in my troubled mind.

Finally as a religious person what keeps me grounded and hopeful are my daily devotionals, reflecting on the word of God helps me to keep things in perspective these reflections lead me to keep a journal of what I understand God to be working in this torn and broken world. Without my daily reflection I would be always on EDGE!


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