In response to the daily post prompt: Playing on the theme of indecision, share a moment in time where you felt stuck,unable to choose. How did you overcome that uncertainity? Did you end up making the right choice. If you are feeling creative, whip up a story about character’s indecision and the long-term effects of their choice.

Decision making has never been an issue throughout my life, faced with a time of making a decision I have always been clear as to what I would do. Sometimes I made very good decisions sometimes I stuffed up but I can not remember being stuck as to what to do. Having said that I find myself stuck as what to do in relation to where I would want to spend whatever is left of my life. Normally what helps to arrive at a decision is the options one has, what is making me stuck is lack of options as a result of (a) the polical situation where governance issues in my own native country continue to make life hard for ordinary citizens, (b) the world financial recession and (c) my personal life.

Like every one else when I started working I started saving up for my future I made some investments with two reputable banks at the time which would have made my retirement comfortable. When I resigned from my job which I had for 29 years I was given a lumpsome amount which I had contributed towards my pension which I also invested. As the political situation became complicated businesses including banks were struggling to survive so the banks I had invested in collapsed as inflation went so high that all the savings were eroded

that the local currency could not be sustained. That coupled with the world recession thingsjust got worse, as if that was not enough my own life was turned upside down with the breaking down of my marriage.

As a distraction from what had happened to me I decided to go back to university outside the country which helped me to heal from my heart break. After graduating I got work which I have loved doing for the past eight years, now I have reached a time of retiring but I find myself having mixed emotions simply because on the one hand I had lost all I had served for my retirement and on the other I can not afford living where I am living now.The difficult is really not having anything I am coimng back to I am unable to choose what would be best for me and I am currently worried that I will end up making a decision which I will forever regret either way.So I am stuck.


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