New Internet Order

Since being on holiday it has not been possible to post on a daily basis I am now trying to catch up.

In response to the daily prompt: All the world’s countries have decided that the internet itself needs a government. Your country asks you to run for Prime minister of the ‘Net’ do you accept? If so, what will your platform be?

First I would not want to run for the prime minister role because all I have known and experienced about that role has been about control even in the democratic nations prime ministers tend to push their own agendas
As far as I am concerned the internet is the best thing which has ever happened in our world it provides information provides a platform for people to express their opinions and view points without fear. However what I would love and enjoy doing is to be part of a lobby group to proctect the internet and make sure it is a safe space for every one to excersise their freedom of expression.

For starters what I would lobby that the providers of sex sites to be more responsible by making sure their sites are not accessable by children and young people. I would also lobby for a policy that allows all users traceable especially those who stalk people under fake identities. This would also apply to those who use the internet to radicalise teenagers to extreem ideologies.

My wish is that the internet becomes a safe space helping people to use it to access information which empowers them even those who are voiceless in non democratic nations. These are only a few suggestions I am sure there are many changes which may need to be done to bring in a new Internet Order.


One thought on “New Internet Order

  1. Interesting. I do agree with the idea of holding sex sites accountable for making sure their sites are not accessible to children.

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