The journey I did for my niece’s wedding was not only a physical journey coming back home after having been away for nearly nine years, it was a very emotional journey too. While I felt very happy and content doing and living on my own six thousand miles away from family I just got on with my life filling it with a lot of things to do distracting myself from the loneliness of being away.

Being among family in the past days made me realise how much I need to be loved, there was within me a need to be assured that I was loved and valued as a person. I also learnt that as your nieces and nephews grow up their need of you decreases because they have their own friends some very special friends, while they want to be around you but they really do need their space they want to spend their time with their friends than with family. I reflected a lot on the dynamics which were at play when we were all together which revealed that life was slowly  changing as far as family relationships were concerned. Emotionally that was a journey I found challenging because I was still expecting the relationships which existed when my nieces were young and now those relationships have changed and will continue to change.

During this journey I have now learned  that I need to adapt to the new family dynamics and just enjoy being part of a big family even if we no longer spend that much time with each other  and value the short times we manage to have  intimate conversations. a

As they fly the nest they no longer need their aunts to be clinging to them that is an emotional challenge.


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