Daily Prompt: Four Stars

The thing I have learnt about daily prompts is interpreting the themes which are posted. When I saw ‘Four Stars’ my mind immediately went to how we rate things five stars being the best and one star being the worst. I remember how as young adults we used the star ratings to choose where to go out and have a meal. That is the interpretation I am choosing to review my life.

I would not give my life four stars as it was not plain sailing, for starters my father walked out on my mum leaving her to bring up us six children single handed. That was a very difficult for us children to comprehend what had caused our parent to separate. It also meant mum had to be the bread winner she worked 24/7 trying to make sure we were provided for and still made sure we were cared for.

With hindsight she did a pretty good job under very difficult circumstances.All six of us were able to complete our education because mum managed to pay the school fees for each one of us. The only down side to her working so hard was that she was never around. As a chef she would go off to work at five in the morning and came back at 10:00 p.m. She was never able to come to parents days, she made arrangements with the school that the teachers would give reports of how we each were progressing.

While such was my childhood ours was a very happy home, we became a very close knit family looking out for each other mum instilled in us values which have under pinned our life styles i.e. hard work, honesty and loyalty and as added value good cooking and keeping the house neat and tidy.

The one thing which as children we had to learn to deal with was feelings of insecurity, knowing that your own father abandon you causes feelings of insecurity but thanks to mum we each acknowledged that we were very insecure growing up in a one parent family.We embraced it and rose above those insecurities and made something of our lives. I am glad, that in that close knit family there three teachers, one social worker one enterpreneur and one lay theologian I guess this is the bit I may be tempted to rate my life with four stars because we all turned out well thanks to mum!


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