If I Had a Hammer

I have not been able to keep up with the daily post prompts because of my computer problems, however I will be using my notepad to keep writing.
I seem to have had a lot of hammers, e.g.;-
Chef: growing up I wanted to be a professional cook the motivation was my mum who herself was a chef.I always hanged around our kitchen and watched her make amazing dishes. so I learnt a lot of skills just from watching her cook and trying some of the ricipes myself.

Public speaker: As a student taking part in school debates ignited within me the love of public speaking attended a few workshops on public speaking picking up a few tips on making presentations. As a religious person I then responded to the call to preach so every Sunday I have the priviledge of leading worship.

Writer: My love of public speaking involves a lot of putting ones thoughts on paper so I then started writing thoughts on various subjects. This then developed into my aspiring to write attended many short courses and workshops on writing which was the reason which led me to blogging.

As you read this post you may have realised that I am a jack of all trades master of none which leads me to the one skill I would want to learn properly and hopefully master and be very good at.
I would like to learn the art of card making specifically specialised greeting cards.This would draw from my other skills. I would like to produce cards which will speak to specific circumstances. I realise that I would need a lot of patience if I am ever going to master this skill yet patience is one virtue I do not possess!


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