I walk the line

‘Life is what you make it’ so goes the saying, what I have always understood that to mean is you shape the way you live by the principles or set of values you set your self. When I saw this post prompt on Saturday I was drawn to it because it would remind me what my life is all about.

The values that under gird my life are very few first up is my christian faith, second is loyalty and concern for others.I honestly believe I do not think I would have become the person I am without my faith because it has influenced the way I live my life greatly. While I am accountable to a lot of different people in my day to day life the person I am accountable to first is God. What I read in the Bible influences all I do i.e. giving of my all and my best in my work doing beyond the call of duty because I know that is what my discipleship is about. For me the Bible is the code which I live by.

Loyalty is one value which means a lot and which influences my life a lot, I have been loyal to the organisations I have worked for me embracing all that each organisation stood for. While I was employed I became part and parcel of that organisation my experience has been when I have been loyal to that oraganisation my personality has developed and my integrity has deepened. This same value has been the fabric of all my relationships and I have been enriched by lasting relationships. The openness which exists among the close circle of my friends has been as a result of us being loyal to each other, you can agree to disagree and yet still remain .the best of friends.

Finally concern for others happens natural to me I am never comfortable if I know there is someone who would do with a helping hand, I would adjust my own life to make sure I have made myself available for those who may need help. Sometime the word no can seem like it never exists in my vocabulary because I hate to see others struggling if I know I can be helpful. I have come to realise how true the Chinese proverb is, it says: ‘ you can not pluck up a rose and give it to someone without its fragrance remaining with you’ Every time I have come to someone’s aid I have gained indirectly myself.


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