Photo 101 Connect Tags

Connect to me is about (a)meeting people for the first time and then establish a relationship an event may facilitate the meeting. (b) connect also is about travelling so for me two images describe the idea of connectDigital Camera Trains are the means of transport which a lot of people have access to, be in the most developed nations trains are the best mode of transport to go to various events such graduation parties where you connect with old friends, visiting family and friends even in less developed nations you can guarantee to use the train from point a to point be even if they may not always run on time.

Events like
IMG00643-20140131-1812 weddings and funerals are always without fail connect you with old friends and relatives whom you have not seen in a long time. Such Events are the kind people will make every effort to go when invited and offers an opportunity of connecting with new people who may be connected in one way or another.


2 thoughts on “Photo 101 Connect Tags

    • Thank you hllnteve, never say never so the saying goes.I am glad I signed up to do this online course I am loving what I am discovering what I am able to do. What do you think of the posts then?

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