I Have Confidence in me

That title does sound a bit arrogant,over the weekend while we were on a break from the writing challenges I spent a lot of time thinking about the various things I do. The more I thought about it the more I realized that I am pretty good at doing a lot of things. The first which come to my mind is cooking I love cooking and I do produce fantastic meals even if I say it myself. I love experimenting on different recipes and adding my own twist to them. I get a lot of fulfillment when friends and family tell they enjoy my meals and that they never turn down my invitations to mine for meals. I owe my good cooking skills to my late mother who was a fantastic cook herself. My sisters and I were apprentices in our mum’s kitchen and learnt a lot as we helped her out preparing meals or baking cakes. Not only was she a good coach she was also a critique of our meals, so there was always an expectation in our home that if mum was going to eat and enjoy our meals they had to be to her standard.

While I am good at cooking the one thing I am very good at is my job which the reason for this post. Among the many responsibilities which make up my job description the one I am confident in doing and do well is ORGANIZING

Every time I have a workshop or a course to run I will throw myself totally to make sure the event is a resounding success. I love to go over and over again through all the details even the most minute ones making sure all goes according to plan. During given any project which I will be working at everything else is put on halt as I concentrate on the job at hand.I have done this now for a long time that now I have mastered the art of organizing.
The other area of my job involves presenting papers on various subjects and topics, This the area I would like to develop and do better, I seem to have an inherent ability to speak but I feel that I need to be properly trained to be a public speaker. I am glad that I have taken up blogging as I write I am practicing to how to let mi ideas flow in a chronological way which make sense to the reader. Some of my posts may end being topics of future presentations.


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