The one thing which has made me not achieve all I have wanted to achieve in my life is PROCASTINATION.  I am a very enthusiastic peson who runs away with whatever idea that  gets into my mind but I never follow those ideas I keep puting off  implemtening them. I keep telling myself that I have plenty of time I will work on those ideas some other time. This also applies to the way I work in my day job I only work hardest when  I realise that the deadline is fast approaching.

In the past five years I have nursed the idea of writing a book, worked out the storyline, worked out the chapters I would have and the subtittles of these chapter but have not yet started I keep telling my self that I still have time but now I am getting on. Reflecting more about this  I have come to the conclusions that procastination has held me back from achieveing many a things which I wanted to do in my life.

When I was a teenager I had a long list of the things I wanted to accomplish out of that list I have only managed to slowly  accomplish  only a third of what was on that list. I put it all down to PROCASTINATION!!!


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