Weekly photo challenge – Place in the World

I loved the weekly photo challenge of the 9th of May. The brief was to show one’s safe space in other words where one finds themselves. I love being out doors I love the natural landscapes, and just being in the natural environment

I am sure those who follow my blog already know I am at home and feel I belong when I see sunsets and sunrises, as a religious person the time I feel most connected to God is watching the sun setting.  My first photos has to do with that.


This is in Manna pools a resort in Zimbabwe I love the sight with mountains in the background and that dead tree in the middle just add to the beauty.


While Zimbabwe and Zambia share the these falls I think the Zimbabwean side is the best  because nothing can beat that sunset over the falls and that can only be seen from the Zimbabwean side of the falls. Every time I am holidaying in the falls I feel very close to God.



This was sent to me by I friend, I am using this photo the reflect where I belong  ‘OUT DOORS’




Daily Prompt – The rising tide of nationalism

Having not posted for a while, I seem to be organized  now I  have some time to catch up with writing posts. The daily word prompt for the 4th of May was ‘tide’ which is associated with the rise and fall of sea level.

I was born and brought up in a landlocked country which means until I came to live in the U.K. I had no experience of the sea tides, however I have experience of the rising tide of the African nationalism which started in the late 1950s and 1960. I was about  10 years old when my father got involved in the politics of our nation. A wind of change was sweeping through out the African continent

The whole continent was ruled by some colonial power from the West, in that decade most African countries held the political ideology that any nation should govern itself, free from unwanted outside interference and  determine its own destiny. In our household I often heard my parents talk about the development and maintaining our own national identity based on the African characteristics such as culture, language, race, religion, and political goals.

As the tide of nationalism swept throughout the continent some African countries took up arms to liberate themselves from colonial rule, others negotiated the change without having to resort to armed struggle. One by one some countries got their independence and became sovereign states. Zimbabwe was one of those which had to use the armed struggle to attain independence which was realized in 1980. On the 17th April 1980 a Zimbabwean flag was raised to mark self governance  we all felt great that we could determine our own destiny. As to where we are now 37 years after that change is another story which is for another post.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Lines

A bit behind with last week’s photo challenge it is better later than never.IMG_1189

Looking up to these beam lines adds to the beauty of this chapel.



A line of the candles in that window


White peacock’s further lines are so exquisite.


As a blogger it is fitting that I finish my interpretation of the lines photo challenge with lines of books.


I love to plan in great detail, if I am given a task to do especially when I am asked to organize an event I just find myself spending hours and weeks even, making sure I have planned in detail. I am not satisfied with any detail being ambiguous I want even the minute detail  to be clear.

Today’s word prompt  ‘elaborate’ used as an adjective  is about working out in great detail or executing with great minuteness or marked by intricate and often excessive detail.

This photo describes ‘elaborate’ for me:-

FB_IMG_1502866129514 (1)

It is interesting how nature displays the minute details of plants. Every time I look at this photo I am amazed at the detail of this plant which grew on a bridge wall every intricate detail of the plant is shown.

WPC – Prolific

The time of year I love most in Zimbabwe is spring when all leaves begin to sprout again for the summer season. Every where you as between and September different rusty shades are plentiful as the photographs I have chosen for this challenge will show.


This is at the beginning of springs from mid August you can see trees beginning to leave again after winter.


To see the spring colours  springing up among the beautiful rocks is just breath taking.


Sometimes I just want to hold back the season so that I can enjoy for ever these beautiful colours.


The grasses tend to blend in with the trees at this time of the year. This is my interpretation of Prolific.

DWP – Fret

When I saw the 17th of April one word prompt I thought what a word to write a post, the more I thought about it the more I was warming to the idea of writing a post.  The word ‘fret’ is sometimes inter changed by the words ‘whinge’ and ‘moan’ which are used by someone who is certainly nothing to be happy about. Collins dictionary’s definition of fret is  to worry about the smallest of problems, reinforcing the state of someone who has nothing to be happy about.

I am not a medical doctor nor am I a psychologist, but when someone consistently moans about everything   need to be checked out. I am aware that life consists of happy times and challenging times, and to get frustrated with some aspects of life is part of being alive. I guess now and then it is helpful to have a rant about things which frustrates but that must not be a life style. Yes once in a while you may want to have a moan but never allow it to be the norm.

While there are many things which cause us to fret, there are many things to make us celebrate being alive. Recently I had reasons to whinge about, things were not going as well as I would like them to in addition my father died, and everywhere I turned things were just going wrong. I noticed all my conversations were characterized by few moans, I moaned about how politicians in my home land were getting it all wrong as far as governing is concerned. I moaned about the rain for ever falling here in the U.K. I found myself in a state of constant irritation and anxiety. Did my fretting change the state of things? The  answer is a resounding NO!  so what is the purpose of fretting?

It is spring here and the daffodils are in full bloom and brightening the  surroundings as they grow in the wild surely just enjoying their beauty will lift up any spirits which is vital for my well being. Fretting on the other hand can only result in poor health condition which enhance the state of constantly fretting. I resolve to quit fretting wishing me luck.



WPC – Having fun!

This week’s photo challenge is about telling a story with our photographs. I decided to use photographs which my 11 year old granddaughter took .

Working for the church as I do, I seem to have a lot to do that I never seem to get time to do things just fun. Last weekend my daughter decided that I should join her and family and go to a farewell do of a friend who has decided to emigrate to Australia.  I will let the photographs do the telling:-


For my grand daughter it was great to be able to take selfies with grandma!

20180303_220749 (1)

The fun was taken to higher level when my grand daughter showed me what she is able to do with the selfies!

20180303_230156 (1)

My grand daughter had a great time showing off her skills in taking photographs of her mum and her I which impressed me greatly.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Out of This world

The one activity I engage in regularly is  look at sunrises and sunsets if I do manage to catch them. Those close me will testify that I think Zimbabwe is blessed with the best sunrises and sunsets. I am obviously biased because it my country but honestly speaking some days sunrises and sunsets are spectacular and for me they are ‘Out of this world’ other people can think otherwise I am happy with that:

Check this one which was taken about two weeks ago by my friend of mine at Mana Pools one of the many tourist resorts in Zimbabwe:-


Photographs can never do justice as seeing the sunsets live as far as I am concerned this is  out of this world .

Weekly Photo Challenge – A Face in the crowd

The brief of the photo challenge of the 21st February was to share a face in the crowd hiding the face so that the facial expressions are masked i.e shadows and silohouttes. I however decided to use photographs of faces crowds which do not  mask the facial  expressions for the following reasons.

November 14th 2017 is going to go down in the history of Zimbabwe as the day crowds joined the army generals to get rid of a man who had ruled our nation for 37 years.  All the faces in those crowds who came out in solidarity with the generals were expressing  that enough was enough and they could not put up with a dictatorship anymore.


This was the day Zimbabweans forgot  the racial divide and went on to the street to say enough is enough change was needed.


The only president most these young people have known in their life time is Robert Mugabe, those who were born in 1980 and are now 38 years they have been governed by one president.


Most of these young people were born  at the start of Mugabe’s rule went to university and graduated but have never worked because unemployment among young people is pegged at 95%. Here is a generation which has lost a lot these faces are expressing lost dreams and hopes.

It is now three and bit months since the 14th of November I do not know if the change all these people joined the generals and marched will ever be realized.  It is waiting the first test will be the conduct of  the anticipated elections scheduled for August lets hope the outcome will assure the nation that their march was worth it.

DWP – My Constant

Life is constantly changing nothing remains the same. One minute a baby is born and is helpless this  new little life depends on those loved ones around it to do everything the baby needs for its survival and development. Before we know it that baby becomes a toddler and mummy has trouble changing the diaper because baby no longer can be kept in mummy’s arms the baby has grown. Life is characterized  by constant changes and nothing remains the same,

The daily word prompt for the 20th of February 2018 was ‘constant’ a word which describes something which occurs consistently and persistently. That has been how life has been for me.  At every phase of my life circumstances have constantly changed i.e new friends new experiences from being single, married then divorced not one part of my life as remained the same.

While all these changes have constantly happened there has remained one CONSTANT which is God’s love for me. I have changed a lot – doubted God’s existence as a result of circumstances at other times I have failed to trust God’s promises trusting my own ability  to order my life the way I want  and feeling in control. Constantly changing as I did God has consistently loved me unconditionally. For me the only CONSTANT I have known and had is God.